Call Up JaayMoneyy . Now We Throw Moneyy , All These Bitches Off The Shits They Walking Around Like Some Zombies !
My hair growing guys!!!! Yassss
Brownie was chillin at the stairs waiting for me to get done with laundry.
On My Way To School
This is my breakfast. Yummmmm
I got my poetic justice braids looking like Lilbit n my bestfriend. Chillin can't sleep
Hanging Out
she sleepy
Chillin Chillin Chillin
Hanging Out
Hanging Out
Ok ok Desh getting a lil thick I see you.
Was suppose to go out but plans got canceled. Why not flaunt my cuteness off.
Just Doin Shit
I try not to judge because I am not god but I will challenge myself to be more than what I am. More than what others believe.
My doggy is a snow dog. Lol he was playing in the snow when I took him out this morning.
my baby
Hanging Out
Hanging Out
always doing something
my lil cuz
I love my boyfriend. but this is a real man. how many boys now would do this??
frfr 1773.575.0038 @ Kim__Nicole
Hanging Out
I was tweakin yestaday!
Hanging Out
My Fresh
Hanging Out
Hanging Out
Hanging Out
Hanging Out
Hanging Out
late one lil dimple
soo she wanna sleep now
Hanging Out
Taking Photos
Hanging Out
Me and my life line !