Lewisburg, Ohio

wow first snow
my sister nanuke tiger and boo boo...
having pizza with my wife too be janine pierson. ..thank god for all my blessing. life couldn't be any better...
my kids
bon fire hell ya...
yumm salad for dinner
corned beef and cabbage for dinner hell ya
making home made cho cho relish hell ya
canned salsa home made hell ya...
canned choww cho relish.....yum yum......
my boy sleeping
me and my baby on a great sunday
moma ....
me and my boy...
my happy home
my sister and her lov ones!!!!!!!
canning fot the winter hell ya
salsa home made for canning
my girl made me some leek and turnip stew hell ya
home made quiche hell ya.
kosher dill pickles hell ya yumm yumm
boo boo kitty
drinking my half yard hell ya
home sweet home hell ya
my side kick!!.boo boo kitty
german brats from paulis butcher shop fairbirn ohio hell ya...the best hand made!!!
big boy!!!
my boys tiger and boo boo kitty
my side boo kitty. .
home made peanut butter pie with shaved chocolate
yum yum bread and butter pickles ....freshly canned
canann peppers ond onions for the winter hell ya
nini and punk...awwww
Beautiful ☁️? Ohio bound