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Came across this vintage blender when my Father in law passed on. He had an Italian cook for a wife and every single item in their kitchen was used and abused for decades. They never threw anything out. He had a whole drawer full of those little plastic things that keep your pizza from sticking to the top of the box-why? He also had a full drawer full of bags from Burger-King which he had neatly folded back into place and stored. Go figure. BUT, they were apparently not fans of Margueritas, as this thing looked like it was never used in the 30+ years it sat in their kitchen. I just enjoyed the aesthetic of it and I couldn't bear to toss it. Avocado green and bright chrome, 860 watts, Made in USA, all metal construction. This is my first try to capture it. I went low-key which I'm not quite happy with, but you get the idea. I have no idea why I like this thing so much, but I am compelled to photograph it. More to come. Made In USA Blender Blender Photo Osterizer Ephemera Kitsch Kitsch Kitchen Kitchenware Kitchen Art Kitchen Stories Kitchen Things
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