El cielo esta cansado ya de ver la lluvia caer y cada día que pasa es uno más parecido a ayer. Smile That's Me Hi! JL
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This 42 year old man happens to be one of my favorite people on the planet. Go figure. lol <3 Jaredleto JL Love Funny cute lol snapchat colors him MARS 30STM TSTM thirtysecondstomars echelon
Be the batman Batman Darkknight Dark Knight Dark Knight Rises CapedCrusader Caped Crusader DC Comics DC Comics Superheroes Joker Flash Aquaman Wonderwoman Cyborg Supergirl Superman Manofsteel Justiceleague Justice League JL JLA Injustice InJusticeGodsAmongUs
I call her Red. <3 Mscl Mysocalledlife JL Echelon nineties tv love memories
I caught The Flash!!! The Flash JL Justice League Photography
Why So Serious? (credits to owner) Jaredleto JL Joker MOVIE SuicideSquad awesome echelon thirtysecondstomars MARS TSTM
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Sound Security Stance Auto Car 416 Amazing Compustar Supercar Fast Trackit Toronto Ontario Canada Scarborough Custom Performance Supercar Carcrazy Torontophotos Torontophotography Torontophoto JL Jlaudio Bass @wire_magic Sound & Security 4167549792
Late Lunch at j0be.. @kaloyiii23 Siredgar JL Red Chris Linsey manheL L0ve f0LkdancefamiLy Lunch j0LibEe
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Come Break Me Down. (Credits to owner) JL Leto Thirtysecondstomars Mars Jared show echelon band rock life family perfect
Un lindo atardecer. 🍃🌾 JL
Is it too bad if I say that I want him for Christmas? Sexysanta Xmas JL
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I would take the pain away if I could. (Via Pinterest) JL Love Sad Life family broken child baby beautiful artist musician echelon him
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Happy Birthday to one of my favorite rockstars, Jared Leto!!! I cannot believe you're 42. Jesus. Thank you for all the lessons and the dreams come true! I love you! Thanks for making this one of the best years of my life. ♥ JL Bday Love Echelon tstm mars life music (credit to owner)
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Cutie patotie ♡ thankyouu Cheche & JL
Him. ❤ JL Cute Sweet Smile adorable cookies funny beautiful baby echelon dork
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2 Door 2018 Green Color JL Mojito! Wrangler Jeep Jeep Mojito Rubicon Wrangler