Valkeakoski center. Valkeakoski Valkeakosken Keskusta
Enjoying the last days of summer.
Valkeakoski Road
Tandem pikkujoulu. Pikkujoulu Gingerbread Glögi
Linh. ^^
Some shops (and bank :")) here and there. Valkeakoski Shops Summer Green
Valkeakoski Green Lake Summer
Birthday card, sent from Vietnam, by Nhung. <3 Birthday Birthday Card
Another rainbow, two days in a row. I'm never tired of this magic. Rainbow
Taking photos of people taking photos.
Soft, gentle, light. Soft Gentle Light Foggy
Lidl. ^^ Valkeakoski Lidl
Snow. Snowing Snow Valkeakoski Finland
Autumn sunshine. Autumn Autumn Leaves Autumn Colors Sunshine
Birthday girl by the window. :p Green Window Birthday Girl♥
Incomplete pieces in VLK again. For a moment, it felt like all of us were still here. Valkeakoski Friends
A card from a neighbor, delivered through letter hole on the door. White lily and green text. <3 Christmas Warmth
Sunlight, sunlight... Autumn Sunlight Golden Sunlight
Valkeakoski Lake Bridge City
A beautiful day. The view from my window is changing colors with the maple tree. Whenever the wind blows the autumn leaves, spreading them away to fly up to the sky and slowly touch the ground, I couldn't help but exhaling "wow..." and grasping for more air. Autumn Autumn Leaves
Snow Snowing Winter
Sataa lunta. Snowing
Snow Snowing Winter
I enjoy being alone and I'm also afraid of the same thing, just as much as the goodbyes that come right before it. Valkeakoski Friend Alone Goodbye
Snow Snowing Winter
It took me a while to feel that this is home. Not my little room in Lärkkulla where I'm deeply in love with, not the place on the 7th floor where I was so familiar with and spent a beautiful 3 months before Lärkkulla, not my previous apartment where I lived 4 years. It's here, now, and I better not see myself as guest in my own place. I was wearing the frog slippers I've had for too long I don't even remember from where I got it. Be more at ease, Chi. This is your home now. Fromwhereistand From Where I Stand
Valkeakoski Road Sunshine Summer
Food Eggs Chinese Cabbage Pork
Tớ đã nhận được váy rồi scarlet ơi! Happy quá! Cảm ơn ấy nhiều nhiều nhiều nhiều nhé! :3 Peter Pan Collar Dress Dress Blowzy Giants
Got this in the mail today. Needless to say how happy I was. Words. Vulnarable, beautiful, inspiring. I want to listen to lots of them right now. The Anatomy Of Being Shinji Moon Words Book
To Apiankatu. Valkeakoski Apiankatu Summer Street Green
Young and free.
Snow Snowing Winter
Snow Snowing Winter
A little change for breakfast. Sugar instead of jam. Jasmine instead of jam. I ran out of a lot of things. Breakfast
Books for giveaways. Books
Valkeakoski Summer Sunshine
Cat Tabby Cat Autumn Cute♡
Factory & museum. Valkeakoski Green Architecture
Snow Winter Trees Branches
Beautiful Beauty
I watched the last lecture of Social Psychology on Coursera today and couldn't help but be emotional about it. It's such an incredible and "mind-blowing" course that I will be missing for sure. Coursera Grateful Social Psychology Much Loved
Unexpected birthday card. :3 <3
At the darkest moment of recent days, Oh Comely came to my rescue. For the first time ever, I won something online, got it for free, and it saved my day, even my world right now. Doesn't matter it's just a damaged back issue. In fact, it doesn't appear to be "damaged" to me. And it'a an issue for Oct/Nov last year, which I count as an unexpected birthday gift since my birthday is in November. What's more? Now I even want to try living in UK. For a person who isn't fond of traveling and hate packing, this is quite a big deal, isn't it? Reading
Apples. Apples Green Summer Bright
Stir-fried chicken with cabbage and sweet and sour sauce. Healthy Treats
Smiling autumn. Autumn Dr. Martens Smiling Colors Of Autumn
So, this book finally came to my hands today. It's thicker than I thought, which comfirms that it's an interesting book to me indeed, not the book is thin that I finished reading it so quickly :). With its arrival, it appears to me that my carefree summer really ended. The time when Linh was here talking to me about this book, talking about the cactus that looks like hands holding together, it really passed by already. She's now at her new job, and I should work hard to make my twenties count as well. Let's bravely move forward. The Defining Decade Book Meg Jay TwentySomething
This photo is nowhere near what I saw with my eyes, but of course I couldn't help myself but taking a picture of it. The whole scene was breathtakingly beautiful - the wide and clear and bright rainbow across the sky (it appeared as if two or three rainbows were combined together, with many layers of colors one after one), the flying autumn leaves, the drizzling rain in the wind. I'm so glad I opened up the curtains! Rainbows Rainbow
Current slippers. Slippers H&M
Snow Snowing Winter
Day 1 of "You Can Draw in 30 Days" project. "You Can Draw In 30 Days" Project Drawing
Black Christmas. Moment before it all went by quietly. Black Christmas
Thời gian trôi qua trong nháy mắt, mới đó mà đã lại chia xa mất rồi. Những hạnh ngộ trong đời, chỉ có thể cho là may mắn. Mong là quãng đường đi sắp tới sẽ luôn có dũng khí ở bên. "I believe". Valkeakoski Goodbye Summer Courage Believe
Birthday card from Alexis. :3 Birthday Card
There's no yellow leaves left on the tree in front of my windows. This person who wore a blue hoodie with a green bicycle, reminded me of a person. Khoa and Oanh would remember. Autumn Reminiscent
Rain for the soul. Rain
Torikeskus. It must be nice to sit outside to let the fresh sunshine after the rain shines at you, while the blue sky seems to be all around. Blue Sky Reflection Valkeakoski Torikeskus Hesburger
A warm cup of tea for a calm morning Healthy Treats
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Lemonade. Healthy Treats
Sunny day. Sunny Day November Valkeakoski Finland
Flowers on pole, sign post, and Nordea somewhere at the back. ^^ Flowers Summer Sign Post Valkeakoski
Right after we decided to go out to take photos of Valkeakoski, the wind started blowing, the sky got dark, then the rain came. It has been around 3 days since. Rain Things That Are Green Bokeh
Fall. Autumn Fall Autumn Leaves Falling
Hand-writing with black pen.
A card from Doina for Friend's Day. Card Friend
Valkeakoski Lake Boats
Leaf house. Valkeakoski Leaf House Green Sunshine
I bought nearly a kilogram of salmon with only €1,91 today, thanks to the sale and coupon from using K-card. Big win! I'm K-market fan now. This is the poached salmon I made for dinner. Poached Salmon
Things happened here :-) Hanging Out
Soup is best for rainy days. Salmon Salmon Soup For Rainy Days  Food
Christmas card from Khoa. Christmas Card
Gizmon iPhone case. Got it for Linh's birthday. GIZMON ICA5 Birthday Girl♥ Gizmon IPhone Case
Right outside Cabaret. :3 Valkeakoski Cabaret Summer Green
Kebab Papachi. The owner still remembers me. He came to talk to us. :3 Kebab Papachi Valkeakoski
Flying dust in the fresh morning after a white night. White Night
:3 The Tiny Book Of Tiny Stories
My little treasure. Fruits
I bought the bulb for my green desk lamp today. Green Light
Christmas Card Christmas card from Hang. <3
Bus. ^^ Valkeakoski Bus
Birthday card, sent from Vietnam, by Nhung. :3 Birthday Birthday Card
When the wind blows through the summer trees, just close your eyes, and breathe. Green Just Breathe Summer
I want to see myself more like a jasmine or a rose, but in fact maybe I'm more like a cactus like a boy told me before. Doesn't matter much. From now on, there will be two cacti being together, silently encouraging. We will be fine. Cactus Tenju
Current to-do list. To-do List Stay Positive
Something lovely for the mailbox, instead of bills and advertisements. Autumn Mail Autumn Magic
Chụp cho Linh vì sáng hôm đấy vội quá nên không kịp chụp. Nói chung là sáng nào cũng có tí bực bội vì cái này, xong giờ lại thành kỷ niệm đáng nhớ. Dù sao thì vẫn còn có chữ Valkeakoski ở đấy, còn đỡ hơn là blogspot bắn mình sang tận Hämeenlinna. Wrong Location EyeEm Foursquare Reminiscing
Happy birthday to Thang Long Samuel! Kisses❌⭕❌⭕ Happy Birthday