From Gustavo Frittegotto's casa in Casilda. A master of photography with great insights on the vast La Pampa landscape and its big sky - he makes a great asado as well. Fotografia LaPampa LINE Sky
Meat at butcher cut to order for an asado. The best cuts are hanging longest to the left, Argentina will not export them as it contains rib bones and the marrow doesn't travel well. Tasty blood and date sausages displayed as well, the flies on them are free of charge. Carne Asado
Wan dealer ! hora de los antibióticos puniiiii !!! ♡♡
Fondo dark.
Y si solo pudiera darle el don de vivir eternamente a un ser, ese ser serías vos puna hermosa !! forever ♡
Peli francesa y capeletinis... siempre con Wan... ♡
No le entra la nariz en la taza jajajaja
Me parece que alguien se está quedando dormida... shhhh... ☆
Feliz año hermosa! !
Hermosaaaaa! la previa de la pile!! ♡
Les plus petites de ma famille... Je les aime beaucoup !! ♡
Hermosaaaaaaas!!! ♡