Fulton, NY

me on Halloween
jumping spider
me and my son :)
monkeys at the zoo
the moon photo taken on Fuji film 18x zoom 16mp
my tattoo idea I drew :)
eggs turned into a monster!!!
picture of my baby boy :)
Loving My Hair
me and Dani Mag
my clown prosthetic :)
seabreez trip
my son playing
my dog zeus
'Daaaaaaad! I'm gonna whoop his ass!' lol
cow is very protective over me, she dont like it when tbone, our other dog, is playing and gets too close to me, cow may seem sweet and innocent but when she gets mad lol she becomes super cow, she dont take no shit, thats my girl lol
my dog cow is so smart and talented that she can growl bare her teeth and stick her tongue out all at the same time lmao
beer :)