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"Keep in mind that even if you’re on the right track, you can still be left behind if you just sit there." Stay Focused Keep Pushing PushYourself Motivation Inspiration Fall Leaves Fallcolors Fall2015 Oregon Oregonexplored PNW Mobileediting
Live life without boarders. Liveauthentic Nolimits PushYourself Explore experience trynewthings pietermaritzburg skatepark skater streetphotography mobilephotography vsco vscocam vscogram igers igerssouthafrica thesouthafricans africa nikon shoot2kill bnw instacool instagood instadaily instafollow graffiti tag art 310714
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I pushed myself even harder today! Finally hit that 4 mile mark! Nevergiveup Noexcuses PushYourself Dedication staymotivated
I know its Monday but...Push PushYourself DontQuit Dontstop DontGiveUp KeepGoing KeepMoving KeepOnPushing Persevere ?? Monday MondayMorning Motivation MondayMotivation MorningMotivation
@Fireswitch777 pic, Starkers edit PushYourself Disappearing Into Nothing Blank Stare And A Whisper
No athlete will compete in a race eying for the last positions. No matter who we're racing with we'll always aim for the top spot. For that we train, we make our weakness to strength, even the most drowsy days we'll push ourself to achieve the winners crown. Paul wrote 'I discipline my body and keep it under control.' God's sprit is living in us, not just on a Sunday, not just when we keel down to pray, it is with us 24/7, constantly as long as we have breath of life in us, but in pursuance to hear His voice we train ourself with the Word of God. Run with an aim in heart that penetrates through all disputing forces that opposes your progress. 1corinthians9:27 Racetovictory Train WordOfGod Discipline Aim PushYourself VoiceofGod DoNotGiveUp Donotstumble
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Not were I wish I was but better than before. Still got some work to do! PushYourself Littletummy Babyfat
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Am on the right addiction... not💊.... cant stop myself...💪 Crazyworkout Crafted Notquitting Addicktion L4l PushYourself Stayhealthy Livehealthy .
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chemistry is a lot of fun these days........................ Good Evening Memorize PushYourself Cations And Ions
I think I found another thing about me that I like and pushed myself to do. =) Backatit Gym PushYourself Legsaredone
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