This is what you get after all your hardwork. Next time I'll try to make it to third place. ?? Vscocam VSCOPH Duathlon Multisport medal SBRph 4thplace running cycling
40 kilometers of pure pain. A very very hot and hilly ride. ?? Vscocam Multisport Duathlon Duamanx2duathlon SBRph pinoyfitness cycling cramps
Run like a cheetah. ?? Animalface Runner Pinoyfitness Multisport training running takboph
Still catching my breath after that 750m Open water swim. Throwback TRIATHLON Triunited2 Multisport swimbikerun
I'm ready for my 2nd duathlon race tomorrow. Lord, keep me safe tomorrow. I'll try to bring home the bacon! This is for you! ??? Duaman Duathlon Multisport NewBalance bell spyder compressport specialized sbrph
neue Garmin Firmware für den 910XT. ob damit Multisport aufzeichnungen wieder funzen? #triathlon
What I Value friends, teammates, triathletes, motivation, dedication, perseverance, hard work, competition, training, swim bike run= FAMILY Family Friends TRIATHLON Passion Multisport Relaxing Hanging Out Enjoying Life