Mark your xxxs and make your wish. Just be sure to cross them off when it comes true. Marielaveau Original Crypt St. Louis Cemetery Number 1
Marielaveau Crypt Voudoun Queen
Marielaveau Daughter NOLA
Coming soon. Limited edition prints of my Cemetery / Graveyard images. This is one of 10 prints that will be available in a 10 print portfolio. Titled, "Fire of Love". Photographed at the tomb of the infamous Voodoo queen, Marie Laveau, at St. Louis Cemetery No. 1. Marielaveau photography stlouiscemetery canon40d blackandwhitephotography monotone shotwithfilm
miss you New Orleans. I love you. TBT  Neworleans Voodoo Store Marielaveau
Neworleans Voodoo Priestess Graveyardbeauty Marielaveau
Things I Like channeling my inner Marielaveau Can't wait for Hexfest Neworleans Bourbon Street CreoleQueen Voodoo