oh pls wake me up COFFEE FLOAT EyeEm Best Shots - Architecture Eyeem Philippines Coffee Float Board Exam
We dont care about the money, we love foods. 🍟
Super Duper Uber Bestfriend. Hahahahaha. Yung nagtext siya sakin last week pa ata, Sabe, (Her): Nhot (Me): Sino to? (H): Tata (M): Tata? AGNES??? ***(wala ng reply, Only to find out, Shit, si Tata pala???? NASA PINAS NA ULITT!!! GAAAAAAHHHWD hahhhah dame tawa, ) :*:*:*:* Kisssss, So glad nakita kita bago ka itapon ulit sa LA! Ily. Seeeeyou sooooner. @tatatoooot
Not bad!