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infringe copyright in Cronulla Infringe Copyright
Stolen picture (2) I don't understand. It seems that my picture was on Getty Images for a moment, but does not exist now (and has never been for sale on EyeEm). U.S. News & World Report would have paid for it without my knowledge ? Where is the bug ? Communication Infringe Copyright Infringement Stolen
I could be proud to see this photo published on the website of a famous American newspaper. But this picture I had posted on EyeEm was not for sale (and was not on Getty). It has been stolen by U.S. News & World Report. The third best-selling magazine in the United States infringing copyright… with impunity ( ? ). That’s a bad example for all those who know that anyone can download photos for free on EyeEm ! How many stolen pictures ? Will EyeEm protect our rights (and its financial interests) ? I’m not waiting for big royalties, but I don’t accept that my album become a free self-service. I was going to post new pictures but now I wonder if it would not be better to delete my account. Communication Copyright© EyeEm Infringe Copyright Infringement Infringer Press