Awesome Bluetooth headphones for practicing sports by Motorola Mwc2013
Now i can open my own sprungli shop. Ready for bobmwc. See you in BCN #mwc2013 Mwc2013
Samsung Galaxy8 at Mwc2013
Sushi and beer courtesy of Hitachidatasystems Hitachi Mwc2013
Slick Htcone Mwc2013
KIT El coche fantástico Sync Ford Mwc2013
Fancy OptimusLG detection table to share files across devices Mwc2013
Awesome audience at #wipjam. View from the stage #mwc2013 Mwc2013 Wipjam
Thank you for the great party everyone. It was bubbly;) #mwc2013 bobmwc Mwc2013
GoProH3 Rules Mwc2013
FirefoxOS power to the developer. Tools in Html5 Mwc2013
Relaxing after #mwc2013 at Geneva airport. Mwc2013
Así nos alimentan a los se prensa en el Mwc2013
Editando vídeos en pleno Mwc2013 .
Que no falte el folklore Flamenco Mwc2013
Acabando de preparar el material para el Mwc2013 .
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