Not stupid

M's last full day of classes on her Long And Winding Road in High School !!! For The Win The Struggle Is Real Dyslexia I don't want to embarrass my youngest daughter, & I might revise my caption later but for now... For most kids, their Secondary Education takes 4-5 yrs. Others, like M, might take 7 yrs. When you have a learning disability your path might simply be different Get The Job Done. Her education could have gone many ways. So very happy M didn't Dropout. Kids her age are almost finished College &/or University. Fact of life: Slow And Steady Wins The Race She's very happy to be off to CEGEP in the fall. She did, & will probably continue to Struggle & sometimes just Pass tests/assignments by the skin of her teeth, Failing others and passing some with Top Marks. But that's ok. Marks don't determine your Intelligence. When you are Dyslexic  you might Think Outside The Box, need a learning plan & accommodations to test or Study (i.e. more time, tech aids, someone's help, etc) but most importantly you are Not Stupid ! Far from it Hold Your Head Up High Creativity Has No Limits Félicitations ma Michèle! Nat's comment reminded me... special thanks goes out to all the Teachers who inspire these kids, including mine! | Locker Lock | Live For The Story The Photojournalist - 2017 EyeEm Awards Place Of Heart Be. Ready.
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