Hindmarsh Square

It was taken from the bus.
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Hi Singapore!!!!!!
Ring around the moon ... Is that a indication of good or bad weather?
SignHunters Sign Hunters Motorcyclesonly Motorbikesonly Motorcycles Only Motorbikes Only HindmarshSquare Hindmarsh Square Signs & More Signs Signs, Signs, & More Signs Signage Council Sign Council Signs SIGN. Western Script Roadsign Signs_collection Road Sign No People! Black And White Blackandwhite Black & White Signs Parking Sign Motorcycle Parking Motorbike Parking Sign SIGNS: WesternScript Text
Face Pixel Pixelart Pixel Art PixelArtwork Pixel Artwork Pixels Graffiti Art Wall Art Wallart Graffiti/streetart Human Representation Street Art Streetart Graff Graffart Pixelated Art PixelatedArt PublicArtwork Streetphotography Street Photography Street Art/Graffiti HindmarshSquare Close-up Colors Pixelated Multi Colored Graffiti Art ArtWork
UrbanART Check This Out Vandal Art Art PublicArtworks StreetArt/GraffitiArt Graffitivandals Graffitivandal Public Artwork Streetphoto_color Wall Art PublicArtwork Urban Art Street Photography HindmarshSquare Streetphotography Streetart Street Art/Graffiti Streetart/graffiti StreetArtEverywhere Graffiti/streetart Street Art Green Eyes Adelaide Aerosol Can Graffiti ArtWork Spray Paint Female Likeness Human Representation
Treescollection Public Places CityWalk Park - Man Made Space Park Hindmarsh Square City Of Adelaide CityOfAdelaide City Park Adelaide Adelaide, South Australia Adelaide S.A. Walking Around The City  Places I've Been Tranquil Scene Streetphoto_color Tranquility Human Representation Streetphotography Taking Photos Street Photography Check This Out Streetart HindmarshSquare Trees In The Park Inthepark Tree Grass Street Art
Pixel Pixel Art Pixels Pixel Artwork PixelArtwork Pixelart PixelatedArt Pixelated Art Pixelated Streetphoto_color Colors Check This Out Taking Photos Taking Pictures Streetphotography Street Photography HindmarshSquare Wallart Wall Art Public Artwork Public Artworks Human Representation Public Art PublicArtwork PublicArtworks Multi Colored Street Art ArtWork Art Colorful
Eyeball Eye Hindmarsh Square Human Representation Adelaide South Australia South Australia PublicArtwork PublicArtworks Public Artwork Streetart Streetphoto_color HindmarshSquare Street Photography Check This Out Taking Photos Big Brother Is Watching Big Brother Is Watching You Big Brother Is Watching! Streetphotography Street Art Street Art/Graffiti Graffiti Eyes Adelaide, South Australia Adelaide S.A. Adelaide Aerosol Can Spray Paint ArtWork Art
SIGNS: Polizei In The Interest Of Public Safety ReflectiveSigns Reflective Signs Streetphotography Polis Street Photography Polizia Polizei Western Script WesternScript Street Signs_collection Signage SIGN. Signs Hindmarsh Square HindmarshSquare Police Police Signs Police Sign Sign Road Sign Text Sky Directional Sign Arrow Symbol Information Sign Signboard
Streetart HindmarshSquare Urban Art UrbanART Adelaide, South Australia Adelaide S.A. Public Artworks Public Artwork Public Art PublicArtwork PublicArtworks Publicart Lightthroughtrees Lightthroughthetrees Trees Light Through Leaves Light Through The Trees Adelaide Festival AdelaideFestival Abstractart Abstract Art Colors One Person Street Art Street Art/Graffiti Graffiti Streetphotography Check This Out Adelaide Multi Colored
Cube Adelaide, South Australia Graff ArtWork Giantsquid Giant Squid Graffiti Art Graffiti Wall Graffiti Art PublicArtwork Animal Representation Street Photography Check This Out Taking Photos Street Art Streetart/graffiti Streetart Street Art/Graffiti Tentacles Tentacle Colors Adelaide Festival 10TKL Squid Adelaide Streetphotography HindmarshSquare Multi Colored Aerosol Can
Graffiti Art Street Photography Taking Photos Check This Out Streetphotography PublicArtworks Publicart Public Artworks Public Artwork HindmarshSquare PublicArtwork Streetart StreetArtEverywhere Streetart/graffiti Adelaide, South Australia Adelaide Adelaide S.A. Adelaide South Australia Human Representation In The Park Multi Colored Street Art Graffiti Spray Paint ArtWork Mural Art Aerosol Can Male Likeness Female Likeness
HindmarshSquare Adelaide, South Australia Streetphotography Check This Out Graffiti Graffiti Wall Graffiti Art Portrait Headshot Close-up Street Art Spray Paint Aerosol Can Human Representation Female Likeness Art