Chautauqua Institution

Beautiful pristine snowfall.....
How's The Weather Today?
How's The Weather Today?
2014 oct
got autumn in my pocket
Chautauqua Lake , take from the Chautauqua Institution
Front porch goals Relaxing Beautiful Surroundings Nice Atmosphere Check This Out Porch Money
How's The Weather Today?
Late night...soft , peacefull snow fall Beautiful Surroundings
Being able to appreciate a day like this :-)
Chautauqua Lake , Chautauqua NY ( no enhancements )
How's The Weather Today?
3 months of patience.......result :-)
Window view
What I Value Able to thro a line in the water , and relax ! I'm a living , thinking , being on a speck of a planet in a vastness of an unimanagenable scale amongst billons of galaxy's........THAT is humbling !
No enhancements to this !
Its taken months but finally opening