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My reall room, French Riviera ? Bedroom Love Girls
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My only love Love Cat
Flower French Orchids
Happy Blonde Girl American Apparel
My baby cat Scarlett.. Just i love you. Cat Love Animals
Happy new year
Hello World
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Hello World
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Hugging A Tree
Provence Enjoying The Sun Old House EyeEm Best Shots
Its hard to explain somethings at times. But im not ok. I know it looks like i am as happy as can be and that I've got things going for me but under all that there is a pain that's been at me for a while now. I know I'm not the best looking guy in the world but all ive got is a warm heart thats been out in the cold and rain for too long ? i would do anything to feel happy for a day or even 2. But i guess thats just too much to ask for ? If people knew the real me and was willing to get to know me instead of passing judgment at their first look at me then maybe you will see that your thoughts have miss judged me. All i ask is for friendship near me. Someone i can relate to and jjst get to know ? been alone in the cold and rain for far too long now and it would be nice to have a little shelter from the thunderstorm thats coming to me ??? Depressed Sad Sadness
Swimming Pool Enjoying The Sun Provence 25 Days Of Summer
Hugging A Tree
Taking Photos
Halloween ☺️??? Halloween Selfie Party Zombie
This is a great ^.^ Music Deezer Calvin Harris Iphone 5
L'espoir fait vivre First Eyeem Photo
Me and my cousin on halloween in Ireland ☺️ Halloween Cousin Family Party
je n en peux plus de cette vie...c est trop dur!!
My 2 cousins ☺️ Family Halloween Party Drinking