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Back In Time Canon Canon Girl Empty House Holding Home Interior Indoors  Mirror Selfie Ornate Photographing Photography Themes Self Searching Spirituality Symmetry Technology Time Travel Victorian House Woodwork  Young Adult
Main Str. Mackinaw Is., 2012 Taking Photos Street Photography Blackandwhite Photography Walking Around Taking Photos Time Travel Duotones
Time travel Open Edit EyeEm Best Edits No People Architecture Blackandwhite Monochrome Seoul Seeing The Sights International Landmark Landmark Korea Asian Culture Urban Landscape Symmetrical Calm Cityscapes Cityscape Urban City Gate Palace Entrance Skyline Skyscrapers Time Travel
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Sweet Place. Swimming Pool Swimming Time Pool Relax Moment Black & White Time Travel Seascape Summer 2017 Pattaya Thailand
Architecture Architecture Architecture_collection Built Structure Cityscapes Connection Day No People POV POVshots Time Travel Train Train Station Transportation Traveling
Hut Wooden House Estonia Landscape Village Country Side Estonia Architecture Viking Village Time Travel History Authentic Autumn избы деревянные дома архитектура Middle Ages Средневековье история путешествие во времени деревня деревня викингов эстония пейзаж Landscape
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Tour de Cesson Ancient Architecture Building Exterior Childhood Memories Creative Photography Cultures Destruction Distant Past Dominant View Girly Girly Stuff History Middle Ages Old Ruin Outdoors Photo Of The Past Ruins Slices Of Life Staircase Steps Sunshine And Shadows The Past Time Travel Tower Watch Tower
Jinni Table Drink Refreshment Close-up No People Indoors  Tea - Hot Drink Healthy Eating Freshness Day Time Travel Luxury One Person Arte Cattles Magic Keys Silver  Sliver Color
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Viikingite Küla Viking Village деревня викингов Средневековье Middle Ages история History Hut изба Estonia Travel Traveling эстония путешествия Authentic Time Travel путешествие во времени пейзаж деревянный дом Landscape View Wooden House Fairytale
Queens Court Enjoying Life The Best Of New York Tadaa Community Streamzoo Family Time Travelling Time Travel Renaissance Festival
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Misty window to a lost era. Window House Old Old Buildings Lost Memories Architecture Wood - Material Building Exterior Misty Frosted Glass Light And Shadow EyeEm Best Shots Exceptional Photographs Lessismore Minimalism ERA Ancestors Ancestral House Remember Beautiful Windows Wall Time Travel PENTAX K-1
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It's amazing what you see, just walking down the street. The other day, I caught a glimpse of a rift in the space-time continuum, showing the Mississauga Civic Centre 20 years ago, before Celebration Square was built (and before those huge jumbotrons blocked the view of the clock tower). Actually, this is a composite of a photo taken in 1996 and superimposed over a photo of the same subject 20 years later (taken by me). The 1996 image is here: (photographed by Mr Bert Hoferichter, MPA. I asked for his permission to use his image in mine and it was granted). The before shots are here: 1996 Architecture B4after Better Look Twice Canada Coast To Coast Check This Out Civic Center Enjoying Life Exceptional Photographs Eye4photography  EyeEm Best Edits EyeEm Best Shots From My Point Of View Getting Inspired Mississauga Space-Time Continuum Streetphotography Taking Photos The Magic Mission Then And Now  Time Travel Time Warp Time Warp Tunnel Timewarp Walking Around
Time Travel
Abstract Fine Art Photography Old Town Window View No People Time Travel Quiet Moments Getting Creative Capture The Moment From My Point Of View Minimalism Simplicity Minimalism_bw Simple Photography Architecture Street Photography Streetphotography Streetphoto_bw TakeoverContrast Black And White Eye4photography  EyeEm Best Edits 窓萌 Monocrome Photography 2016.01.09 at 安平老街 in Tainan, Taiwan
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Showcase: December Time Travel Scifi Bundestag Future Looking Into The Future Architecture The Graphic City
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The voices speak from the far distant past.... Taking Photos Magic... Loving Life! ! ! Time Travel Iao Ouee
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Abstract Big Data Black Background Close-up Communication Complexity Connection Data Electricity  Fiber Optic Futuristic Illuminated Light And Dark Light And Darkness  Light Trail Long Exposure Motion No People Pattern Speed Technology The Way Of Light Time Travel
Anachronism Anachronism Architecture Built Structure City City Life Coliseum Italia Outdoors Parked Parking Retro Sky Time Travel Time Travelling Tourism Travel Travel Destinations Travel Photography Traveling Verona Verona Italy Vintage
Viikingite Küla Viking Village деревня викингов Средневековье Middle Ages History Hut Eesti Estonia Travel Traveling эстония путешествие Authentic Time Travel путешествие во времени пейзаж Landscape View Wooden Wooden Wall деревянная стена архитектура Architecture
Colonial Wagon First Eyeem Photo Santa Barbara, CA Mission Colonial Wagonwheel Church Time Travel Wood
Time Travel
Viikingite Küla Viking Village Viking деревня викингов викинги Средневековье Middle Ages Middle Age History Hut Eesti Estonia Travel Traveling эстония путешествия аутентичность Authentic Time Travel Time Traveling путешествие во времени пейзаж Landscape View Woodenhouse
Transporter Time Travel Street Photography Black And White Photography Glasgow  Urban
And my heart's at home when my hand is holding yours... Landscape Tree_collection  EyeEm Gallery EyeEm Nature Lover EyeEm Daddy Knows Best Using My Toolbox Mindful Connections As You Wish The Story Of Us Lessons In Life I Believe In You Missing You Not Giving Up Love And Light For The Love Of Photography Completely Focusing My Love, My Heart With You Close Breathe In Breathe Out This Too Shall Pass Time Travel Trusting The Struggle
Time travel Front View One Man Only Only Men Standing Adult Portrait Night Illuminated Human Face Taiwan Taking Photos Memories Lifestyles Day City Life Colors Light And Shadow Lights Time To Reflect Timepass Time Travel EyeEm Ready   EyeEmNewHere Love Yourself
Viking Viking Village Viikingite Küla Viiking Time Travel Eesti Estonia Traveling Authentic Autumn Hut Wooden House деревня викингов пейзаж эстония путешествия деревянный дом путешествие во времени
Rolex Genève Rolex Watch The Clock Life Memories ❤ Happiness EyeEm Gallery Truth Memories That I Loved Than My Life Miss Grandma Beautiful Soul What I Value Time To Reflect Time Travel Moment Of Silence Passing Time Honesty Innocence Silence Before The Storm Justice Clock Justice
Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow! Today's B4after shot: a then-and-now composite of 14 Dundas St East, Mississauga. I wonder if this guy realises that he is standing in the shadow of a 27-year time warp? This is a shot of a boarded-up commercial building from 1989. The original image is at (there are no credits as to the original photographer on the site for this image but it is public domain). I shot the 2016 photo with my BlackBerry Passport, merged both photos in Photoshop, and finished tweaking the levels in Lightroom. This was definitely more of a challenge than my first time warp photo ( as it's always difficult to judge the angles when shooting a building from the side instead of face-on. I uploaded the 1989 photo onto my tablet and brought it with me, in order to position myself in the best possible place and angle for the shot (across the road). Original shots - 1989: and 2016: Architecture Blackandwhite Built Structure Canada Coast To Coast Check This Out Exceptional Photographs EyeEm Best Edits EyeEm Best Shots First Eyeem Photo Getting Inspired Hanging Out Outdoors Relaxing Road Street Street Photography Streetphotography Taking Photos The Magic Mission Then And Now  Then-and-now Time Travel Time Warp Timewarp
Abandoned Broken Clock Confusing Street Time Time Travel Wall
Time Travel Summer ☀ Crete Greece Traveling Nature Life In Motion Abandoned_junkies
Sunlight Sunrise Sunset Summer ☀ Sunshine Sky And Clouds Sea Island Time Travel Mobile Photography LGphotography City Life City Lights Night
EyeEm Diversity EyeEmNewHere Resist No People Outdoors Long Goodbye Time And Works Time Out Time Travel Timeless Times Time To Reflect Blue And White. Time Day Close-up Rethink Things Perspectives On Nature Postcode Postcards
Q Quiet Place  Learn & Shoot: After Dark Time Travel Old Town Old Chinese New Year Windows Lamp Window View Tea And Coffee Darkness And Light Light And Shadow Dark Photography Nostalgia Nostalgic Landscape Eye4photography  EyeEm Best Shots 窓萌 Interior Views Live Love Shop 43 Golden Moments 民藝埕
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Pond South Korea Palace 경복궁 (gyeongbok Palace) 서울 한국 향원정 Walking Bridge Perspective Palaces Time Travel Stroll Life In Motion Lifeisbeautiful Enjoying Life Perspective Photography Peaceful Vacation Vacation Time Dreaming Traditional
The Traffic Keeps on Coming Back To The Future Fun Nightphotography Blurred Motion Cars At Speed Crazy Moments High Street Illuminated Light Trail Lights Of Cars Long Exposure Motion Night No People Outdoors Road Speed Street Light Time Travel Traffic Transportation Tree Urban Scene Postcode Postcards EyeEmNewHere EyeEm Ready   Mobility In Mega Cities Visual Creativity
@Candi Ratu Boko, Yogyakarta, Indonesia Temple Historical Sites Time Travel
Kislovodsk Travel Time Travel
Ancient City Architecture Architecture Ausblick Building Exterior City City Gate City Wall Cityscape Cloud And Sky Cloud Art España Gate History Medieval No People SPAIN Time Travel Toledo Toledo Spain Travel Destinations UNESCO World Heritage Site View From Above Vista Vista Panorámica
Indoors  Choice Standing Learning People Day Afternoon Time Happy Time Happyness Moments Time Travel Learning Learning Photography Paul Smith Paul Smith Mini
Old Town Old Street Old Pharmacy Time Travel Nostalgia Nostalgic Landscape Streetphotography Street Photography Streetphoto_color The Street Photographer - 2016 EyeEm Awards Light And Shadow Eye4photography  EyeEm Best Shots EyeEm Gallery Travel Photography Travel 2016.03.30 專)yuna's 鹿港記錄 in 彰化 Zhang Hua Taiwan (related photo)
One season in a farm Farm Photography Look Up And Thrive Travel Photography Experimental From My Perspective Sunset_collection Sunset The Journey Is The Destination Nightphotography Check This Out Windows Time Travel Expectation People Photography On The Move On The Way Taking Photos Darkness And Light Sunlight enjoyin Grainyg life Travel Destinations Taking Photos Open Edit Showcase July
Chair Table No People Empty Indoors  Day Seat School Old School Romance Time Travel Former Days Past
The only time is now Clock Time Travel First Eyeem Photo EyeEmNewHere
Church Iglesia Católica  Time To Reflect Time Travel Travel Destinations
Me and my cute self. That's Me Check This Out Kid TBT  Throwbackthursday  Back In The Day Time Travel Kids Smile Puerto Rico
Where's Superman? Autumn Copy Space Fall Minimalism Old School Telephone Telephone Booth Time Travel Vintage
Wooden Wooden House Eesti Estonia Architecture Authentic Viikingite Küla Viking Village Village Country Side деревня викингов деревянный дом архитектура эстония деревня история путешествия путешествие во времени Travel Traveling Time Travel
Old House Old Building  Countryside Stone Wall Curve Close-up Scenic Past Time Travel Traditional Traditional Building Aberdeen Aberdeenshire Scotland Blackandwhite Black And White B&w
Geometrie Scotland Garden Time Travel Geometric Shape Hello World
Time travel.🕳 Travel Time Time Travel Real People Built Structure People Art ArtWork Arts Culture And Entertainment Camera Memories Traveling Architecture Indoors
Time Travel Taking Photos سالزبورغ
Time Timeless Clock Train Station Station Platform Defect Clock Watching Waiting Waiting For A Train Trainstation Train Tracks Rail Railway Time Travel Traveling Travel Travel Photography Travelphotography No Time What Time Is It?
Time Travel
Ancora qualcosa rimane. Conconello EyeEmNewHere Rusty Wallstreet Time Travel Loosing Time Memories ❤ Walking Around TriesteSocial Fvg No People Outdoors First Eyeem Photo
You & You Thats Me  Flashlight Shades Of Blue Blue Light Motion Motion Capture People Jumpshot Man Transcience Jumping Notes From The Underground Fantasy Dreaming EyeEm Best Shots Stillness In Time Time Travel Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld Schattenspiel  I For One. Flyfish Album Human Meets Technology Light And Shadows Photography In Motion Two Is Better Than One
Medieval Music Traditional Time Travel
Spectacular Architecture Glass Inlay Work Architectural Marvel Historical Monuments Mughal Architecture Grandeur Relive The Grand Era Through My Eyes Time Travel Architecture History Built Structure Indoors  Architectural Column Ancient Day No People Ancient Civilization Travel Destinations Black And White Friday EyeEmNewHere Be. Ready. An Eye For Travel The Architect - 2018 EyeEm Awards The Great Outdoors - 2018 EyeEm Awards The Traveler - 2018 EyeEm Awards
Walk like a lion.. Cloud - Sky Sky Day Outdoors Mode Of Transport Landscape Arid Climate Desert Sand Nature EyeEmNewHere Cityscape City Morocco 🇲🇦 Time Travel Ouarzazate
The Action Photographer - 2015 EyeEm Awards Ottawa Bank St Time Travel
The beep bits Travel Photography Time Travel Living History Yorkshire Recovery History Uk Freshness Ready-to-eat An Eye For Travel Still Life No People Close-up Indoors
Fort San Domingo Historical Building Taiwan Tamsui Architecture History Old Building  Time Travel
Timepass Time Travel Time Survivor Metal Art Metals Relaxing EyeEm Best Shots Enjoying Life Return To The Ancients Direction Sign DIRECTIONERS ONLY
First Eyeem Photo Time Travel سلسلة جبال الآلب الممتده الى قمة كابرون الثلجيه ف النمسا
Palm Tree Aroundtheworld Time Travel
Качели ресторан  деревня викингов эстония история путешествие во времени Swing Teeterboard Restaurant Wooden Viking Village Viikingite Küla Estonia History Time Travel Time Travelling Authentic Village деревня
Xochicalco Xochicalco Ruinas Arqueología Pattern Pieces Blue Sky Time Travel Time And Space Old Buildings Time Ago Travel Mexico Una Mirada Al Mundo Arroundtheworld
صباح الخير✋? حبيت اقول ان Good Morning EyeEm Time Travel Relaxing هذا البرنامج اكثر برنامج مسحوب عليييه ف الحياااااه ?..بس اقول??
Art And Craft Artistic Expression Auto Post Production Filter Balance Creativity Emotions Experience Thru The Virtual World Model Pattern Portraits Pose Rockstar Time Travel
Viikingite Küla Viking Village Viking Eesti Estonia Traveling Travelling Time Travel Time Travelling History Hut викинги деревня викингов Middle Ages Средневековье изба история путешествия эстония аутентичность Authentic Viking
Time Travel California Academy Of Science Time Machine
Viikingite Küla Viking Village Hut Estonia Travel Traveling Authentic Time Travel Landscape View Wooden Wooden House Architecture Pond For Children Fairytale  деревня викингов деревня Средневековье эстония путешествия путешествие во времени деревянный дом архитектура для детей #сказка
Istanbul Turkey Sirkeci Gari Train Station People Beautiful Sky ⛅ Public Transportation Streetphotography Street Life Streetfashion View View Point Clock Time Time Travel EyeEmNewHere EyeEmNewHere
Time Clockworks Technology Clock Background Timeless One Hour Time Travel Timeout Watch Clocks Dials Dial Clock Face Vintage Style Antique Clock Onetwothree Enamel Details Lieblingsteil
Feels like time travel. Handwriting  Metal Museum Nostalgia Nostalgic  Past Romantic Sepia Smithy Still Life Time Travel Tool Toolbox Tools Warm Colors Workbench Workplace Wrench
Connection Illuminated Light And Dark Light And Darkness  Light Trail Long Exposure Night No People Outdoors Pattern The Way Of Light Time Travel
Floaty... Skyblue Spreading The Love EyeEm Nature Lover Blues Hanging Out Photography Any Changes? Feeling Stuck? Missing You I Adore You  Love You Hard Unconditional Love He Taught Me About Love My Heart Beat Today Yesterday Tomorrow -always I Believe In You Love And Light EyeEm Inspired Daily Time Out Needing To Get Away I Feel You Breathe Into Me Time Travel On My Mind Always
Twirl Renaissance Festival Enjoying Life Time Travelling Time Travel Streamzoo Family Tadaa Community The Best Of New York
Art ArtWork Autumn Beauty In Nature Day Forest Growth Leaves Motion Motion Blur Mystery Mystic Forest Nature No People Outdoors Plant Scenics Time Travel Tranquil Scene Tranquility Tree Way
Farm Details Farm Design Time Flies Time Travel Time To Reflect Time Farm Photos Colour Of Life From My Point Of View EyeEm Gallery Eyeem Market Abstract Photography Abstract Abstract Art Country Art Abstractions In Colors StillLife Color Palette Still Life Photography Two Is Better Than One Rust Rusty Rusty Gate Rust Never Sleeps Wendland The Street Photographer - 2017 EyeEm Awards Breathing Space Investing In Quality Of Life The Week On EyeEm EyeEmNewHere Your Ticket To Europe Mix Yourself A Good Time Been There. Discover Berlin Paint The Town Yellow Done That. Lost In The Landscape Second Acts Be. Ready. Perspectives On Nature Rethink Things EyeEm Ready   AI Now An Eye For Travel The Graphic City Go Higher Visual Creativity Summer Exploratorium Focus On The Story #FREIHEITBERLIN Holiday Moments Capture Tomorrow Moments Of Happiness
أذهب. . . Metal Prison Indoors  Sky Trapped Day Prison Bars Terminal Yolculuk Vakti Yolculuk Going Time Travel Nature People
Visual Journal December 2017 Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer Grand Island, Nebraska A Day In The Life Adventure Club Americans Camera Work Christmas Past & Present Christmas Time EyeEm Gallery Grand Island, Nebraska Nebraska Old Fashioned Pioneers Stuhr Museum Visual Journal Always Taking Photos Close-up Curtain Day Electric Lamp Eye For Photography Fujifilm_xseries Home Interior Home Showcase Interior Illuminated Indoors  Kitchen Lamp Shade  Lighting Equipment No People Oil Lamp Photo Diary S.ramos December 2017 Table Time Travel Turn Of The Century Weekend Activities
Colori Venice, Italy Hello World Hi! Time Travel Italy City Reflection Canal Water Reflections Boats Showcase April
Hut Wooden Wooden House Traveling Time Travel Estonia Architecture Viking Village Authentic Autumn View Landscape деревня Village Country Side деревня викингов изба избушка For Children для детей эстония деревянные домики история путешествия путешествие во времени