A pair of birds putting on a show at Lake Marburg. Pennsylvania Landscape Vscocam AMPt_community
EyeEm Selects Lighthouse Day Low Angle View Blackandwhite Tall - High
Your table is waiting... Indoors  Illuminated Restaurant Table Chair Architecture Wood - Material
Lake Water Hanging Out Taking Photos Relaxing Bridge Pennsylvania Sunny
IPhoneography Snapseed Monochrome Nature Textures And Surfaces
First Eyeem Photo
Arrived at my father's home and shot the Oak tree planted in memory of his mother. Spring arrived the following morning with a white blanket gift. Snow ❄
Film Photography 35mm Film Canonae1 Kodakbw400cn 28mm Lens Monochrome Perspective
IPhoneography Snapseed Monochrome Textures And Surfaces Nature
Cemetery Monochrome Blackandwhite PENTAXQ10
Hanging Out
Getting In Shape
Enjoying Life
Full Length Clear Sky Casual Clothing Water Fun Enjoyment Playing Lifestyles Innocence Person Nature Day Scenics Tranquil Scene Dirt Rock Lake Picnic
On The Road Fall Colors Taking Photos Rural Exploration
Going to the gym is the best. Except for in school.
Electronic Music Shots spotty mosh
If u have a beating heart, u have a purpose
Ice Cream
Beautiful old victorian home... Driving Fall Colors Taking Photos Walking Around
Getting In Shape
Anatomy Plastic Model Collection Still Life
It Was All An Addiction For The Money Not The Drug
Hanover,PA Relaxing My Dogs Are Cooler Than Your Kids Enjoying Life Taking Photos
Good ol pleasant hill
Im just a cool lil nigga forreal
Darkness And Light Monochrome Landscape Textures And Surfaces
Hanging Out Escaping Waking Up Taking Photos
Monochrome Snapseed Clouds And Sky IPhoneography
Only the guy who isn't rowing has time to rock the boat. Jean-Paul Sartre Boat Dock Water Lake No People Day Outdoors Nautical Vessel Black And White
Check Up
My Beast Boy AUSTIN
IPhoneography Snapseed Textures And Surfaces Monochrome Nature
The Amazing Human Body
Bells PENTAXQ10 Monochrome Blackandwhite High Contrast
Textures And Surfaces Monochrome Myshadow Nature Snapseed
Food Porn
Headlights in the night. Night Lights
Have a Pepsi and a smile My Dogs Are Cooler Than Your Kids Hanging Out Cheese!
Just a few cameras from my collection Camera Vintage Camera Still Life
Clock Repair
Hanging Out
Getting In Shape
Cute Flower
We Are Family
High Heels
Epic Fail...
Old guitar
My Motivation
Getting In Shape
Getting In Shape
Rain Water Pink Flower Flowerporn Work EyeEm Nature Lover
Hills hills and more hills
Getting In Shape
Getting In Shape
reshaping teeth.
Christmas eve!
cleaning a grandfather clock
My obsession.❤
Hang Out And Taking Pics
If anyone is interested you may contact me by fb Photography Self Promoting
Catching Air Mountain Biking
Relaxing That's Me Dog Life My Dogs Are Cooler Than Your Kids
Small Photoshoot With My Sis Shes Really Good
awk Beautiful
I live you mom.❤
Ramen Lol Me And Emily Were Stalking Him To
Skittles enjoying the morning. Cat♡ Cat Lovers Cat Eyes Summer! ♥
The Guy In Blue Awesome High Schooler Me And Emily Were Stalking Him He Dont Care Tho
Brown Eyes
one last night of this crap. finals are finally almost over.