San Antonio Valley 2

We miss you pa, happy father's day to all Philippines
Lord of the Harvest Tabernacle First Eyeem Photo
... Sea Sunset Philippines Eyeem Philippines
Lemme take a selfie. ??? First Eyeem Photo
Philippines Sea Sky
My sister is taking photo's stuff First Eyeem Photo
good morning Philippines Coffee
respect to the selfless men and women volunteers who puts their own safety and comfort aside for other people's welfare Philippines Love
Kain po tayo (let's eat) salted duck eggs with tomatoes Philippines
... Sea Sunset Philippines Eyeem Philippines
So this is why i can't find pusa Cat Philippines
In the Philippines you'll know it's someone's birthday if there is "lumpia" on the table together with spaghetti or "pancit", today is an exception
my crazy day break
pusit ~ dinner later Philippines Seafood
saging Philippines Fruit
saing Philippines Food Rice
Haven't open my laptop for a while, glad it still works
Philippines Random
Testing First Eyeem Photo
i miss this cute only boy pamagkin in our family! Baby Brhyliie kelan ba tayo ulit magkikita,aaway na ako dto ng ate abigee mo..hahah mwahhh πŸ±πŸ‡πŸπŸ˜›πŸ˜˜
Having a cold one on a hot sunday afternoon Philippines
kaimito at mangga Philippines Fruit