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Sunset Landscape Paddy Field Rice Field Rice Paddy Road Sunset Landscape Slowly Day Slowly Time EyeEm Best Shots
JR徳島線に乗ってとある場所に向かう。調べたとき列車(電車ではない)の本数の少なさに驚いた。 雨の日 犬の散歩 車窓から 電車旅 Rainy Days Dog Walking Paddy Field From Train Window Slowly Time Relaxing Relaxing Moments From My Point Of View Travel Photography Capture The Moment Softy Green EyeEm Nature Lover EyeEm Best Edits
Old Town Old Street Red Brick Red Brick Wall Alley Cat Leaves Siesta Spring Sunshine Light And Shadow Slowly Time No People Streetphotography Street Photography Streetphoto_color Animals Animal Photography Nature Photography Eye4photography  Things I Like The Street Photographer - 2016 EyeEm Awards 2016.03.30 Travel 專)yuna's 鹿港記錄 in 彰化 Zhang Hua Taichung, Taiwan
“漫咖啡”☕ 当周围的一切都开始放慢脚步⋯🍪 Coffee Time Breakfast Healthy Eating Slowly Time Freedom Life
Old Town Old Street Alley Afternoon Sun Slowly Time Lifestyles Light And Shadow No People Hanging Out From My Point Of View Hidden Gems  Nostalgic Landscape Old-fashioned Bicycle Streetphotography Street Photography 壁萌 Streetphoto_color Eye4photography  蔦裊裊 VSCO 2016.03.30 Travel 專)yuna's 鹿港記錄 in 彰化 Zhang Hua Taiwan
Black And White Photography Black And White Self Portrait Hello World Night Slowly Time
Blackandwhite Black And White Photography Self Portrait Hello World Night Relaxing Lipstick Limitless Slowly Time Hot
The life road.Enjoying Life Walking Around Good Night Night View Slowly Time
Slowly Time Where Does The Time Go? Watch The Clock
Long Goodbye Boats⛵️ Boat Fatiguance Slowly Time
修身養性,慢慢來也很好! Shrimp Fishing Slowly Time Waiting
Gafanhoto Hipertrofiando Slowly Time Run For It