West Haverstraw

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The Calmness Within
Check This Out That's Me
An ink drawing. Art Drawing
Nothing is impossible. Drinking Glass Drink Justgoshoot Tones Whiskey Duck Colors Close-up Indoors  Day
Soon it will mean something. Art Drawing
Now I have to make them say something. Art Sketchcard Drawing
Sexygirl That's Me Lov❤ Check This Out
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A pencil drawing blown up to a large size. Art Drawing Pencil Drawing Tattoo
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• Damiz Check This Out
A large drawing. A weird one too. Art Drawing Faces Marker Art
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The interesting corner of my desk. ArtWork Drawing My Desk
One of my prints from 2007. Art Drawing
Findinding a hidden paradise.
This is where i start drawing today. Art Drawing Sketch
It's a dance party Sunday. 20x28" drawing. Art Drawing Dancing Sketch
Testing various pens. Art Drawing Marker
A 20x30 inch marker drawing. My labor on Lanor Day Art Drawing Marker Art Sketch
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That's Me • Damiz
I've got to put some pupils into this drawing so it stops freaking mre out. Art Drawing Sketch
West Coast Chopper
Halloween •Damiz CCheck This OutTThat's Me
A sketchbook page of drawings. Art Sketch Drawing Marker Art
That's Me • Damiz
•DaMiZ CCheck This Out
Some days the monsters win. Drawing Painting Monster Sketch
Check This Out • Damiz
Creative Light And Shadow The quiet before the noise.
• Damiz Lov❤ That's Me
A drew a Black Science sketch cover. Sketch Cover Drawing Comic Book Art
A look at a recent drawing Art Drawing
First Eyeem Photo
And this is how it ended up. 20x28 inches. Art Drawing Swirls
Sexy Girl Sexygirl
A comic book cover I drew to a comic that doesn't exist. Art Drawing Comic Book Portrait
A cartoon art card. Art Sketchcard Drawing Cartoon
Check This Out • Damiz
Eyes That's Me Lov❤ Sexy Girl
West Coast Chopper
A drawing on my easel. Drawing ArtWork Marker Art
Feeling a little rough. Art Painting Drawing Beauty