1Q84 「改變顔色和形狀潛入背景中,儘可能不顯眼,不讓人輕易記憶」
Just started 1Q84 remembered how much I love Murakami . Need to revisit a couple of these. Books Haruki books reading collection literature japanese
1Q84 在夏日午後喝一點雪利酒, 躺在沙發上不知不覺睡去, 就這樣不再醒來。 多麼隨性的解脫。
Books are friends 1Q84 Haruki Murakami Reading Book Simple Chill Photography Reading A Book Taking Photos White
1Q84 村上春樹 Murakamiharuki IKEA SKRIBENT 思克利朋书档
One of many great Quotes from the amazing book 1Q84 . Chaos God
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Bed time story 1Q84
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Two moons? Murakami 'd 1Q84
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1Q84 B&w Books Japan Reading Symbol Taking Photos 村上春树
무라카미하루키 1Q84 책 Goodstagram 村上春樹 MURAKAMIHARUKI オススメ
You see... A book is a dangerous thing. It attracts you by its appearance, it catches your sight,it makes you feel alive and then...all of the sudden you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, not knowing where to go. The secret is not to find a way out but to dig in until you reveal the essence of the world in which you are imprisoned. Murakami Almost Finished IT 1Q84
Murakami 1Q84 Morning School
Inherent darkness of HarukiMurakami as in 1Q84 just a Random capture of a Page perhaps only for the sake of it.
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Ready to go to bed. Tonight Murakami san will make me dream with 1Q84
Finished 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami, Bangkok. Bangkok Traveling In Thailand Haruki Murakami 1Q84
Otra vez se acerca el maldito cumpleaños. Joder,mira que llegar a los treinta precisamente en un mundo sin sentido como este!, pensó Aomame, y frunció el ceño. 1Q84
Friday fun day ❤📚 Coffee 1Q84 Caprice Snickers
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While waiting for Journey Ps3 to be downloaded, I'll keep on reading 1Q84 Murakami
Murakami mon amour. 1Q84
La protaginista di 1Q84 si allena quotidianamente nel Seppuku "moderno", pur di non finire in mano al nemico.
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