May I say that I feel so lucky to have run into a few groups that have greatly enriched my enjoyment here on IG. bnwlife nothingisordinary and lovelydeadcrap have sent so many great artist my way. I am so glad to follow and be followed by such a great bu Bnw_life Nothingisordinary Blackandwhite Lovelydeadcrap Macro Rsa_macro Bw Macro_perfection Bnw Worldcaptures Bw_lover Macrogardener2 Bws_worldwide Bw_religion Macromania Coolshitwelike Bwsquare Bw_masters Bw_crew Macro_eg_treasure Infamous_family Macro_treasure Royalsnappingartists Macro_captures Macrophoto Heyfred_finallyamacrochallenge Macroaddictsanonymous Rsa_bnw
Had my olloclip at work today. Macro Food Porn Fungi All_shots Macromania Hot_shotz Royalsnappingartists Macroaddictsanonymous Nothingisordinary Rsa_macro Macro_perfection Coolshitwelike Macro_eg_treasure Macro_treasure
Sometimes when I'm blue I don't feel like black and white. #instagram_101 #royalsnappingartists #ic_nature #all_shots #hot_shotz #leaveonlyleaves #macro #macrogardener2 #macromania #macro_perfection #macrophoto #macro_eg_treasure #nothingisordinary #inst Infamous_family Royalsnappingartists Macrophoto Macroaddictsanonymous Nothingisordinary Rsa_macro Macro_perfection Eatdrink_nio Leaveonlyleaves Macrogardener2 Macro Coolshitwelike All_shots Instagram_101 Instamood Macro_eg_treasure Macromania Macro_treasure Hot_shotz Ic_nature