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You have already been introduced to my son, Jaxon .
He likes his Monster hat... says his ears get cold. Jaxon K9 Furry Pitbull Bff Pet American Staffordshire Terrier Short-hair
This is my Bff, Jaxon. He is an American Staffordshire Terrier, or Pitbull, and i chose him to be my First Eyeem Photo model because he was right there and conveniently awaiting my attention. Dog Pet K9 Furry Short-hair
Jaxon gives me the "You got a new app" look. Jaxon Pitbull Dog K9 Furry
Jaxon Fazendo Sinais
This man is the truth! Jaxon Last night at The Cypher Poetry
Bieber ♥♡ Kidrauhl Jaxon
Justin Adorable Justinbieberlover Jaxon ilovethem
Baby boy! Mom ❤ Jaxon Love My Life
What I Value My Younique Life Jaxon