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Finished work at 8pm, I was so excited to leave haha Work Selfie Seriousface ShexFace Shexual Scottish ScottishGuy GuysWithInk Guyswithtattoos Geek Gamer FamilyOfBats Batmanfamily BatFan BatGeek
So, I've just finished Arkhamorigins and oh my god what a game! Not disappointed at all, I'd say it's just as good as ArkhamCity and Arkhamasylum :) I'm not giving away any spoilers and PLEASE don't reveal any in the comments as I'm sure there's plenty Bat fans like myself who hate them and like to come across surprises while playing the game :) Batman Darkknight Batmanfamily DC Dcuniverse Arkham Joker BatGeek BatFan FamilyOfBats Geek GeekandProud Gamer Selfie Seriousface Blackandwhite Aviary Guy Scottish ScottishGuy
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This could be another awesome tattoo :D I think the artist is Chris Burnham (?) Batman Darkknight Batmanfamily FamilyOfBats Geek GeekandProud Gamer GamersAreTheBestLovers Guyswithtattoos Superman ChrisBurnham Tattooidea Batmanvssuperman BatFan BatGeek BatmanInk
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Forever a bat fan💛 Batman DC Comics BatGang Gotham Girl Lipstick BatFan
You can never have too much of me ;) haha got all the pics of me in some of my Batman gear :) my onesie and 7 t-shirts Batman Darkknight Batmanfamily FamilyOfBats Geek GeekandProud Gamer Selfie Seriousface BatGeek BatFan Twoface Bane Batmanvillains
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So for JokerSunday I thought I'd post this. It's my statue from the collector's edition of Arkhamorigins tried to get a close up but this is as close as I could get plus done a lil edit with Aviary :) Batman Darkknight Batmanfamily DC Dcuniverse Arkham Joker BatGeek BatFan FamilyOfBats Geek GeekandProud Gamer
Well last night was a bit shitty, hardly anyone came round then folk left early....nobody loves me!! :'( haha aw well, got bored so was a perfect excuse for a wee selfie LastNight Saturdaynight Saturday Selfie Seriousface BatFan BatGeek Instasize Instadaily Selfiesunday Sunday Scottish ScottishGuy Geek GeekandProud Gamer Guyswithtattoos BeardsAndTats Beard Stubble Guy
Ever since reading Earth One, I've loved this image of the dark knight bursting through the wall. Edited the pix with ColourSplash. Coloured part would make a smart tattoo...but where to get it :/ Batman Darkknight Batmanfamily DC Dcuniverse Tattoo Ink Batmantattoo BatmanInk EarthOne Geoffjohns GaryFrank Coloursplash BatFan BatGeek Geek GeekandProud Brucewayne
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My Lego Batman cushion :) behind him is some Banksy cushions Batman Batfamily FamilyOfBats BatGeek BatFan LEGO LegoBatman Cushion Banksy CapedCrusader Arkham Gothamcity TheLegoMovie FlatLife
Decided to hang my 2 Batman prints... Funko Pop! Batman approves :) Batman Darkknight CapedCrusader FamilyOfBats Batfamily Prints Funko Funkopop DetectiveComics Joker Batmanvillains FlatLife BatGeek BatFan Geek GeekandProud
Kinda getting our first snow here, just a light dust. Love heavy snowfall though, wish it would snow like it used to when I was a kid :D anyway... our main man, Batman, he doesn't do snow and all that jazz. Why? Coz he's the goddamn Batman! Batman Batmanfamily FamilyOfBats Geek GeekandProud Gamer BatFan BatGeek Joker Snow Christmas
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One of the pics taken from the selfie collage I posted yesterday :p Selfie Seriousface Selfiesunday Sunday Batman Batmanfamily FamilyOfBats Geek GeekandProud Gamer Guyswithtattoos ScottishGuy Scottish Beard Stubble BeardsAndTats Likeforlike Like4like L4l Kik Kikmessenger  BatFan BatGeek
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It's Christmas Eve so what better graphic novel to read at this time than Batman: Noel by Lee Bermejo. Hope you all have a great Christmas and the big fat guy in the red suit spoils you rotten :) Batman Noël Christmas Santa Geek Gamer Batfamily FamilyOfBats BatFan BatGeek Batmanfamily Graphicnovel
How awesome is this tattoo!? Wouldn't have it on my chest though, probably the top of my back Batman Tattoo Batmanfamily Batmantattoo BatmanInk Guyswithtattoos Joker BatGeek BatFan Geek GeekandProud Gamer
I wouldn't be me without any Batman so how could I resist these cufflinks to finish off my tux :p Batman Darkknight Batmanfamily DC Dcuniverse Clothes BatFan Geek GeekandProud Gamer GamersAreTheBestLovers Guyswithtattoos ScottishGuy Scottish Ootd Cufflinks CapedCrusader Brucewayne Arkham ArkhamCity Arkhamorigins Arkhamasylum Gotham Gothamcity