Dreaming of a better world

Picture of me at last Summer after my chemo treatment. CancerSucks Keep Smiling Dreaming Of A Better World Details Of My Life Dreaming Hello World That's Me Enjoying Life Nevergiveup Thuringen Myself Keep Going  Adventure Balance Escapism Escaping Hanging Out Direction Outdoors
A fresh spring canopy with blue sky filing in the cracks. Spring Tranquility Sunlight And Shadow Blue Sky Silhouette Enjoying Nature Beautiful Nature In The Forest Light Shining Through Trees California Looking Up To The Sky Sky And Treetops Canopy Redwood Trees Hiking Travel Adventure In Awe Of Nature Daydreaming Dreaming Of A Better World Hope
Imagine all the people... - MAinLoveWithFreedom Dreaming Dreaming Of A Better World Talking Discussion Discussions Theatre People Group Of People Higher Perspective Peace Freedom Capture The Moment Never Give Up How I See The World - 06.12.2015
Dreaming Of A Better World