No edit, no fun

The current path of human races is not suitable for planet earth, and soon earth won't be suitable for life. Apocalypse Apocalyptic Visions End Of Days The Impurist No Edit, No Fun Ominous shot taken with Nexus5 Pastel Going The Distance NikonCoolpixL120 The Places I've Been Today No People Getting Creative Learn & Shoot: Layering Pattern, Texture, Shape And Form Notes From The Underground Splash Turn Your Lights Down Low NEM Still Life GetYourGuide Cityscapes Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld Landscapes Everybodystreet
No matter what, Never stop dreaming ... The Impurist No Edit, No Fun The Flowers Series Pastel Greenery Going The Distance
The world is closing in ... did you ever think ... That we could be so close ... The future's in the air ... I can feel it everywhere ... BLOWING WITH THE WIND OF CHANGE ... Inspired from Scorpion's great song "wind of change". The Impurist No Edit, No Fun Going The Distance Pastel