Thank you to PPCRV volunteers for making it easy for us to find our voting precint Election2013 Pprv Vote Precint
Just exercised the Art. V Sec. 1 of our Constitution. Vote casted! Halalan2013 Election2013
DONE! Election2013 Votewisely
Yung pulitiko na puro GAWA hindi yung puro salita! First time voters Election2013 Politics Dapattama Veryimportant Igers Porras Instapic Goodmorning 1572a Happyme Monday With Mymapateya Damingtao Photogrid May1313
tao sagwa balay! Iloilo Campaign Election2013 Igersiloilo
Exercised my right to vote Halalan2013 Election2013 Voter
Dapat tama! ?? Election2013
done voting Philippines Election2013
Sino ang mas ma Apil? Hehe. TatlongMukhaNiApil Councilors Election2013
Team PNoy ako. Ikaw anung team ka? Election2013 TeamPnoy LiberalParty Votewisely PNoy Yellow 7Eleven
Yizzzz! NakaBoto na din :) Votewisely Election2013 Ivoted
it is my m0nday :-) Election2013 Pampermyself Workingbaby Happy monday
Exercised a right today. Inked Voted! Election2013 Hope
Everyone are excited to vote… Dapattama BMPM Election2013
Campaign Rally in Bagumbayan. go go go Jerry Augusto! Mmk Election2013 Papako