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We went for an evening drive last night and the sky was so full of beautiful colors....this is what we sat and watched,a gorgeous Sunset Sunset #sun #clouds #skylovers #sky #nature #beautifulinnature #naturalbeauty #photography #landscape Nature Sky_collection
Check This Out Hello World Enjoying Life Relaxing Relaxing Escaping Soaking Up The Sun
When you look at this truck this way , it looks very short , but....
Hello World Check This Out Enjoying Life
This is my current kitty , Munchkins , she will be a 1 yr old this year! ! She has 2 un related friends that live in the quansit with her . Their pictures on on the way !
Biking Escaping Soaking Up The Sun
The Places I've Been Today
And here's the brother of Mylee and boyfriend of Munchkins , Tipper !! Teehee , I just like to give my kitties somewhat of a life !! Humor is a great tool and imagination too !!
This was taken on our way into the city of Warman , Saskatchewan , Canada . Look wt these beautiful "SUN DAWGS "!!
Same two geese as before
HERE is another picture of the "Sun Dawgs " , I photographed
Here's a photo of two geese that are eating what they can find . They're are in a field down the road near my home !
Another beautiful sunset lastnight
This is my SweetPie , that is her name . She is auntie to my kitty Munchkins ! I had to give her up and she was adopted by a family that now love her as much as I did /do !!
Befor the Winter came to Saskatchewan , these were some of the roses that were still in Bloom . Right in front of the front porch , I took this picture, with dew drops glistening on the petals !
This is Mylee . Munchkins good friend /family now ! She and her brother , Tipper , are approximately 4yrs old ! Tipper's picture is coming !!