Day 5 Selfpicture
-I like to catch every surroundings moment, 'coz that moment could means million world, for them who learn the past, who earn the now, who lean the futurebrings. Who sought of loved one, who needed tons of reflection of self one, who sat on the fragile bridge of anxiety, who sang the song of loneliness, and for them who brought happiness & goodness along their presence. Who knows, that moment could lasting forever rather than just a blink of the setting sun. So that moment, would be mesmerized in the end of journey. Themaninthefrozentime Selfpicture Selfthoughtfulness Soliloquy Photographcatcher
Selfie Selfpicture Selfcapture Pictureofme Glam Glasses Antique Sunglasses Potretdiri Pangleburgongso Selfiegram Creativemovement Drawingclass Outdoors
-Waktu itu sedang eker-eker cangkang keong laut, tak kuasa berlinang air mata kala kliliben butiran pasir nan digebu bayu. Gitu aja. . . . . Me Inframe Flashback Ngeflashbalik Sagumohmu Sakenoku Kliliben Clarins Glass Candid Selfpicture Selfpic Selfiegram Kimocih Siung Wonosari Gunungkidul Ngayogyakarta Silam Ksagamaksara
Selfshoot Selfpicture Selfie Selfie ✌ Good Life Selfportrait Portrait Self Portrait French Girl
"Dig through the ditches, burn through the witches. I slam in the back of my dragula!". . . . . Selfpicture Selfpic Photoshot Vintage Me Mensuits Throwback Monochrome Bwphotography Blackandwhite Bwgram Bwstyles Hitamputih Ksagamaksara Dragula Robzombie
I'm not a writer, neither I wish to be. But I can understand the feeling of writing something amazing and later realising because quite similar is clicking pictures. Made this picture by stitching 8 pics taken at 35mm f/1.8 to get more area at this focus point. Then later edited on Ps to get pages flying. Selfpicture Selfportraits Selfiesunday Self -portrait jj_nosquares Fantasy Photoshop Udaipur nothingisordinary ig_great_shots the_3rd_eye eraminimal superhubs_shot fantasyworld imagination creative minimalist photomanipulation artistry_flair jj_creative gi_artworks graphic_arts rsa_graphics thedesigntip mafia_editlove gm_designers liferemixed collagecollectiveco collageart
-Selpih gemes boleh ya? Biar diterima dan membaur dengan masyarakat awam. Manusiawi lah... Selfphotograph Selfpicture Selfie Picoftheday Pictureoftheday Selpih Sukaesih Absurd Random Photographcatcher Mobilephotography Instamood Instaood Ksagamaksara
Selfie ♥ Portrait Selfie ✌ Selfpicture Selfshoot Shooting Self Portrait Selfietime Selfshot Smile
Partir loin. 🌎 Long Hair Portrait Selfpicture Selfie Portrait Selfie Taking Photos That's Me Classy Lady Just Smile  Happiness ♡ Bigsmile Classy Hi! Enjoying Life Happiness Selfie ♥ Selfietime Happyness
-ci...luk...bahagiaaa Selfpicture Selfiegram Candid Memotretpemotret Pictureofme Bwgram BW_photography Ig_bw Instabw Bw_style Photographcatcher Ksagamaksara
Makeup Eyeshadow Shadows Selfpicture
-Come on, Baby, light my fire... Selfpicture Selfcapture Humaninterest Hi_photography Hi Menolakrapuh
Art Yourself Traveling Selfpicture
Selfpicture Luxurylifestyle
-glamrockstah jugak kudu berkeilmuan multiversal non-syar'i berbasis kedalaman tujuh dimensi, lho~ . *keselek coro* . . . . Selfpicture Pictureofme Selfiegram Rockstarscientist Fotoktp Fotonikah Kamingsun Photographcatcher Ksagamaksara
[D O P P E L D A N G E R] Ruled by The King of Gods, Jupiter, said to be a noble leader, wielding twin sword of generousity & just. His graces carried by a Sagittarian, destined to be not just a mindless ramble wanderer but the truest truth-seeker, philosophy & spiritual is main route towards intern-quest. Forever rearching for knowledge, understanding, answers of broad-minded skeptical 'the need to know the meaning of life'. Thanks to Bathara Indera, The King of Heavenly Gods, as suitable bearing as much as His wisdom ruled the eighth elements. While wielding Vajra (the Lighting Thunderbolt) He rules the Mother Nature's behavior among all Elemantal Gods. He bestowed with a heroic, almost brash and amorous, flirtatious character at times. For all those magna-gratitude, Sags was blessed for they high-philosophical spirited who never quit on learning on thyself forevermore. Doubleexposure Twinexposure Twoexposure DoubleExposurePhotography Digitalart  VisualArt  Selfpicture Rockintuesday Selfie Reflection Photographcatcher Milkyway Nebula Messier Multiverse Instaphoto Pictureoftheday Instaselfie Ksagamaksara Antariksawan Antariksa_id
Emotion Selfpicture Emotional Photography Red Film
Eyeglasses  Asiangirl Selftpotrait Selfpicture
-revisi REVISI R E V I S I R E V I S I R E V I S I RE-VISION? Selfpicture Selfcapture Reflection Revision BW_photography Bw
Selfportrait Selfie Selfpicture Ich muss zum Friseur
Selfpic Selfpicture Selfportrait
Dog Smile Weekend Selfpicture
Blackandwhite Selfpicture
Selfpic Selfportrait Selfpicture
Selfpicture Selfcamera Selftpotrait Asian
Father and son IPhone4s Iphonography Selfpicture Selfprotrait kids children
This is Me EyeEmNewHere Eyeemindonesia Self Portrait Selfpicture Portrait Eyeglasses  Human Eye Human Face Water Men Looking At Camera Beautiful People Close-up Horn Rimmed Glasses Eyeball Eyelash Eyeshadow Eyewear Eyebrow Vision Hazel Eyes
The Eye of My Sad Stories EyeEmNewHere Blackandwhite Photography EyeEmIndonesiaCommunity Selfpicture Self Portrait Human Eye Women Young Women Beautiful Woman Beauty Portrait Human Face Headshot Depression - Sadness Tensed Hopelessness Disappointment Sadness Teardrop Despair Negative Emotion Natural Beauty Thoughtful
too many words on my mind, too many possibilities on my mind. Im too much thinking about things... for sure! EyeEmNewHere EyeEm Best Shots Self Portrait Selfpicture Bronze Color Emotional Photography Portrait Human Face Yellow Gold Colored Women Gold Headshot Close-up Thoughtful Blank Expression Introspection Eyelid Fine Art Portrait Artist's Model Natural Beauty Surreal Thinking