Smith Street

The memory comes unbidden... and you pull away from the world. Yet The more you try to hide, the more you show... the more it all unravels... one painful thread at a time. Jess 1/3 Jessica is a friend of mine who I met years ago through friends and people like family when I used to spend most of my time in Melbourne's Latin Community. We've hung out bit over the years but this was really the 1st time I got to spend time with her alone outside of our old group.... and she's just as warm and sweet a person as ever. Don't worry about the caption, has nothing to do with her... just my inspiration and cracked ideas. Jess wouldn't mind moving into the circles of fashion and was thinking of photo ideas for her up coming blog. So I invited her along to the Igersmelbnov15 instameet to see how a mad capped buch of creatives collide and some of these amazing tallents (some really great work, check out the hashtag and see for yourself) TheCreatorClass Portrait Carpark Bleachmyfilm Lightandshadow Colombiana MichaelsCamera
Awesome street art here round local cafes
end of photo grid