Martin Creek Lake State Park

Reflections Beautiful Day Check This Out Peace And Quiet
Peace And Quiet Country Life Christian Kustomz Hello World Check This Out A Fork In The Road Decisions Path Less Traveled Naked In Nature
Went out to the lake before dawn to watch the sunrise. I was blessed with this Check This Out Lake View State Park  Rise Above Nature Sunrise 2016 Beautiful Day Pleasure Seeker Enjoying Life
A very Cloudy and Rainy day at the Coal Burning Power Plant. I'm biased but this is my Home. I think it's Beautiful out here. Check This Out Viewpoint Eyem Best Shots Christian Kustomz Getting Paid To Do What I Love Appreciating This Moment Layers And Colors Reclaiming Coal Smoke Stacks Electricity  Boiler Lignite Power Plant
My son was blown away that the lily pads were bigger than his upper body Swimming Enjoying The Sun EyeEm Nature Lover Martin Lake State Park Check This Out Splashing Lillypads Eyem Best Shots
Komatsu Heavy Equipment Scraper Sunrise Sunset Check This Out Appreciating This Moment Lignite Power Plant Coal Burning Power Plant Getting Paid To Do What I Love Eyem Best Shots Layers And Colors Viewpoint Shades Of Yellow
My early morning trip to the lake did not let me down Check This Out Beautiful Day Peace And Quiet Sunrise Enjoying The Sun Pleasure Seeker Rise Above Nature State Park  Come See Me!!!!!
Looks like I'm not the only one enjoying the sunrise this morning. This Red Wasp was staying close by but did not bother me a bit. Eyem Best Shots Morning Light Check This Out Martin Lake State Park EyeEm Nature Lover Summertime Sunrise_Collection Dew Drops Eyem Market Buzzing Around Appreciation Appreciating This Moment
Sunset out at the power plant. I am blessed to work on such a stage where I get to see something so beautiful Sunset Check This Out Christian Kustomz Lovely Weather Eyem Best Shots Getting Paid To Do What I Love Coal Burning Power Plant EyeEm Nature Lover Rise Above Nature Pleasure Seeker Lake View 2016 State Park  Summer Come See Me!!!!! Martin Lake State Park
Back at it early this morning putting in some work Beautiful Day Lovely Weather Enjoying The Sun Peace And Quiet Edited Check This Out Martin Lake State Park EyeEm Nature Lover Sunrise Sunrise_Collection
It not to late to get in some fishing this evening. Lovely Weather Peace And Quiet Enjoying The Sun East Texas Check This Out Fishing No People Eyem Best Shots Beauty In Nature Sunset Layers And Colors Lake View
Got out early to watch the sunrise over the lake and I was not disappointed πŸŽ‘ Beautiful Day Check This Out Peace And Quiet Panaramic 2016 Sunrise Rise Above Nature State Park  Lake View
I'm not a fan of working on Sunday but since I'm required to do so, I'm gonna make the best of my time and get in some reading Peace And Quiet Quality Time Relaxing Getting Inspired Country Life Enjoying Life That's Me Reading Coal Burning Power Plant
lunch break Work Boots Relaxing Leather Welder
Just cause it's cold outside doesn't mean I get to stay inside Dfitbit Fitness Heart Healthy Getting Inspired Check This Out
Drink Refreshment Close-up Focus On Foreground Check This Out Eyem Best Shots Green Color Green Music Shuffle Yeti Auxiliary Cord