Fall BeautyTwo beautiful horses grazing in a field, enjoying the cool fall weather.
Sick As A Dog, When Dukecwas still a young pup a neighborhood cat scratched him on his nose and got a staff infection that made him very ill. He is fine now,but lost alit of weight during this illness . Puppy, Sickpuppy, Black Labrador , Dog Life , Doglover
Creative Light And Shadow while taking our walk my dog and I captured a unique photo of our shadows in the early morning sun. Creative Photography Light And Shadows Shadow-art
Blue Heeler pup curious about somthing in the grass.
Two cats a tabby and a calico
A beautiful meadow hawk Dragon fly perches atop a favorite resting spot in my garden! Beautiful Nature Nature Photography Country Living Nature On Your Doorstep Dragonfly Dragonflytreasures Dragonfly_of_the_day My Dragonfly Photo Insect Photography
A grest photo of a awesome cloudy blue sky.
Little Shasta Church in Little Shasta, Ca.
Funny Face, A White Faced Hereford Cow with a comical look on her face. Taking Photos FUNNY ANIMALS funny pics
Dancing Willows, A small grove of Willow trees with interesting branches in the early fall. Beautiful Nature Naturephotography Fall Beauty Nature On Your Doorstep Country Living Great Outdoors Creative Photography Colors Of Autumn Autumn Leaves
B&W Portrait Rainy Day Blues. My youngest son extremely disapointed because he can't go outside and in a terrible rainstorm. First Eyeem Photo B/w photo Richard Hunter
Old Churches Clouds And Sky Eyeem Michigan PhonePhotography
Fall Beauty
Nature On Your DoorstepThe Praying Mantis is my favorite insect, as a child I kept them as pets!, feeding them hamburger meat, flies and offering them spoonfuls of water. To my delight this beautiful female is still making her home in my garden about thirty feet from my doorstep. Nature At My Doorstep
Catapillar on a stick ina a field Wildlife & Nature Bugsporn Naturephotography Beautiful Nature Insect Photography Nature On Your Doorstep Nature Photography
Crazy for Dragonflies young dragonfly hanging on a vine Insect Hanging Out Hello World Dragonfly Naturephotography Bugsporn
This light brown colored male Praying Mantis blends in well with the with the dry grass of late summer as he searches for a mate. Naturephotography Protecting Where We Play Wildlife & Nature Beautiful Nature Bugsporn
Mature male Brown Praying Mantis notices me in a field photographing him. Nature Photography Nature On Your Doorstep Beautiful Nature Insect Photography Naturephotography Wildlife & Nature Scienceworld Bugsporn
Enjoying the Sun This beautifil Palamino, Quarter Horse is enjoing the warm sunlight. Horse, Palomino, beautiful, Quarter Horse, enjoying, war, sun
Thistles in the evening sun
Thunder Lake A lightening bolt strikes the waters surface during a warm thunderstorm. Thunderstorms Lightning Bolt Lightning Flash In Sky Lightening Strikes
Thistles in the Summer silhouetted by the rising sun. Light And Shadows Creative Photography Beautiful Nature Naturephotography Wildlife & Nature Blackandwhite Photography
It's Cold Outside ,snow covered branches early in the morning . Snowscape , Snow Covered , Frozen Photography w, Winterscapes
A collection if dew drops early in the morning. Dew Drops dew Dewdrops_Beauty Nature Photography Creative Photography Water Reflections Waterdrops Humidity Wildlife & Nature Scienceworld Biology
Blue Lupines growing alongside the road Wildflowers Wildflowers And Butterflies
Nature On Your Doorstep Morning Visitors These are two Whitetail Deer yearlings, a buck and a doe. This photo was taken in an alley minutes away from my doorstep, the deer a very common here.
High Desert Wildflowers in full bloom Country Living Fall Beauty Naturephotography Nature On Your Doorstep Great Outdoors Wildflowers And Butterflies Wildlife & Nature Wildflowers HighDesert
The mountainous terrain at the Shasta Valley Wild Life Refuge reflecting on the tranquil surface of Trout Lake. Water Reflections Naturephotography Beautiful Nature Nature On Your Doorstep Protecting Where We Play Bird Photography Duck Hunting Troutfishing Birdwatching Great Outdoors
Female Praying Mantis eating while watching me photograph her Bugsporn Scienceworld Wildlife & Nature Naturephotography Insect Photography Beautiful Nature Nature On Your Doorstep Nature Photography
Nature On Your Doorstep red eared slider basking in the sun in a pond near my home
Mountain , field , beautiful, sky
Protecting Where We Play Trout Lake in the ShastaValley Wildlife Refuge in Montague, Ca. is well known its Trout fishing and all kinds of animals, birds and waterfowl hunting. Naturephotography Beautiful Nature Great Outdoors Wildlife & Nature Fishing Time Troutfishing Duck Hunting Birdwatching Bird Photography protecting
White Feather A single white feather laying on the green grass on a sunny day. Feather  Singlelife  Alone Resting Tranquility Whitefeather
Not So Little Anymore ,This is our Black Labrador Retriever ,Duke as a puppy.Now he is 85 pounds . Doglover, My Little Puppy, Black Labs ,,
Small Hornets gather on a star thistle Nature Photography Nature On Your Doorstep Insect Photography Beautiful Nature Naturephotography Bugsporn Wildlife & Nature
Live To Learn A young boy dose his homework after school before he can attend volleyball practice. Youngboy Education Doing Homework Before Practice Volleyball
A dew drop containing the reflections of the surrounding grass Beautiful Nature Wildlife & Nature Naturephotography Nature On Your Doorstep
A young boy finishes his homework after school, before he can join his Volleyball team for practice.
Utilities street lights, sunset, utility poles, electrical wires, high voltage, telephone wires
Summer Bulls Wondering within this herd of beef cattle are these to ibcredible bulls. ranching, beef, cattle, summer, breeding
Urban Lifestyle young man, looking up
Silly Dog, Duke laying upside down . Dogslife , Happydog
A single pretty, uniquely colored daisy in my garden
Fields of Flowers in Oz
Wild flowers growing beautifully in the bright early morning sun
Showcase: January Balance, An inspiring sunset view of the local landscape in Montague, Ca. Sunsets EyeEm Best Shots - Landscape country landscapes Landscape_photography , Peaceful
Sunrise next Goose Nest Mountain
A awesome bull in the summer
Protecting Where We Play We play everywhere, care should be of all of it, especially to our precious water resources like this incredible dew drop.
Summer Dogs Duke, our four year Black Labrador Retriver relaxing after cooling off by swimming at Bass Lake.
Still on the Vine watermelon, growing, container gardening, city gardens, compact plant, fruits, healthy food, summer food, small sized growing watermelon Summerfood Citygardens Easytogrow Healthyfoods Healthyfamilies Watermelon
He's hiding ?
Dark cloudy sky
Early evening sunset in November, tall dry grasses,field, clouds, mountains Enjoying Life Wildlife & Nature Great Outdoors Naturephotography Fall Beauty Country Living Beautiful Nature Glorious Sunset
A beautiful thunderstorm in Montague
I'm in New York City!! ? First Eyeem Photo
My son Richie likes posing for the camera, and I couldn't be happier with a photography subject!