Yesterday was and amazing experience at my First wedding photoshoot! So happy with the results! And this is a sneak preview... Wedding Photography Firstsession Check This Out Blackandwhite Monochrome Wedding Queretaro,Mexico
Canon700D Canon Firstsession Beautiful Girl Eye4photography  Canon Cancun
Canon700D Cancun Canon Taking Photos Eye4photography  Beautiful Girl Girl Firstsession
Nopainnogain New Tattoo Japanese Style Firstsession Dubai❤
Tattoo Tattoos Firstsession
Firstsession Check This Out Japanese  Japanese Style Samurai Nopainnogain
Pratice makes perfect right? Tattoo Art Firstsession Progress Pic
Notyet Check This Out Taking Photos Dubai❤ New Tattoo Firstsession Taking Photos Japanese
Tattooed New Tattoo Nopainnogain Japanese  Dubai❤ Firstsession Check This Out Taking Photos Enjoying Life
Not quite finished but its getting close. Tattoo Oldschooltraditional Startingofmylegsleeve Firstsession cantwaituntilitsfinished gonnabedope guyswithtattoos
I finally got some ink on me :) Firsttattoo Firstsession Iloveit @mdstaatstattoo Thelittlemermaid