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1)I am turning 17 this November. 2)I am a Christian!3)I can play guitar,ukulele & a little bit of drums!4)my dreams are being a singer/songwriter/musician.5)I listen to music alot! Mostly english songs.6)when I listen to songs I can picture how the Music video should be and how the storyline plays out.7)I want to work for the media industry, as a director, radio DJ, camera women ect.8)My favorite Singer is Demi Lovato she inspires me with her stories! Lovatics 9)I have natural straight teeth and hair.10)I wear glasses due to astigmatism & I also have dyslexia!11)when I speak I kinda have a weird American ascent. Its not an act!12)Almost 1/2 my clothes in the closet is from threadless!13)I hate wearing the same shoe on the next day.14)I watch YouTube video from vlog&music videos15)I love wearing and collecting bracelets and jackets.16)I love my church friends.17)love my sch friends too!18) I am a portable radio/karaoke machine I can sing any time and anywhere19) I have a twitter account @itsdenisefong, and on youtube deniselimelight.20)I like cooking,dancing and reading books!
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