Hoftoren (OCW)

Reflections@ Hoftoren (ocw)
View from Hoftoren Hoftoren (ocw)
Elevatorshaft Tech
Pictures of today,taken while waiting to continue the work Taking Pictures No Edit No Fun
Shadowman@ Work
At Work
View from Hoftoren towards Scheveningen Hoftoren (ocw)
Reflection Glass Building Architecture
Just hanging around Hoftoren (ocw) At Work
View from Hoftoren 30th floor Hoftoren (ocw)
View from Hoftoren 30th floor Hoftoren (ocw)
Tulipfield in Lisse Model Pose Beautiful ♥ Fashion&love&beauty Tulip Love
Mijn werkplek Hoftoren (ocw)
Goodmorning !!!!! and how do we feel this fine sunny morning. lol Working
Getting some cool air inside Hoftoren (ocw)
View from above the building where i work Taking Photos Working
Hoftoren edited Hoftoren (ocw)
Good morning first thing..... A cup of coffee with homemade cinnamoncake. Have a great weekend. @work Goodmorning
in da ofis in Den Haag Working Taking Photos On A Break
Let's see what's going wrong here Tech
Picture outside the building where i work,something broken down and i had to fix it at 02:00 am Working Den Haag
Taking some photo's @work
Cityscape View From Above Den Haag The Hague First Eyeem Photo