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IJustRemadeThis .....Mum gave me this set(with earrings). Wore it to a birthday dinner and next thing **splat**, its broken and all beads are on the floor. Yup...i did get down on my knees to pick the beads. It's taken me 10+ mths to get this done. **treasure** Beads Mumlove Treasure
AllSmiles  Prettymuch MyBABiES Schoolsoon ^-^ Immovingy 'alltojuja$mombasa SwimmersIbeat Instalove WCW Hahahahah just coz ii picked you two as my WCW doesnt mean i love you...maybe ii just got bored hahahaha..... I love you though @kenyanjoy @klairkanina21 Mumlove
Quand la couche devient un fardeau... ! Mumlove Lifestyles Couches Baby Proprete Funny