Shits and gigs

"Pretty Boy™ Perfect Plastic Plaything" (2015) Just For Fun Silly Shits And Gigs Toys Dolls Dolls Faces Dollsphotography Anti-Barbie Plastic Art Plasticsucks Notions Of Perfection Notions Of Beauty Beauty Fakes Fakepeople Fake Products
"Pretty Boy™ Perfect Plastic Plaything (close up)" (2015) Fake Products Fakepeople Fakes Notions Of Beauty Beauty Notions Of Perfection Plasticsucks Plastic Art Anti-Barbie Dollsphotography Dolls Faces Dolls Toys Shits And Gigs Silly Just For Fun
"Life's unanswered questions" (2014) Silly Tarot Tarot Cards Tarot Reading Tarotspread Cards Against Humanity Cards Questions Of Life Questions? Just For Fun Shits And Gigs No People Indoors
"Our Lady of Perpetual Dramatically Lit Moments" (2015) Oddities Odd But Beautiful Odd Dark Art Just For Fun Silly Shits And Gigs Skeleton Dead Things Fake Saints fakes Anti-saint
Shits And Gigs