Life size Anything To Say? Berlin Bronze Bronze Sculpture Chairs Chelsea Manning Edward Snowden Empty Julien Assange Life Size  Sculpture
even when he's not trying, he beats me at all board games Boy Checkerboard Checkers Chess Board High Angle View Indoors  Life Size  One Person Play Sitting
Animal Representation Day Dinosaur Life Size  Low Angle View Outdoors Sky Tree
The Portraitist - 2015 EyeEm Awards Man and street chess. Chess Chessboard Street Photography Life Size  Alone Oldman Park Waiting Sepia
Subject : A Carved Wooden Bird. I sometimes drop in at my favorite sushi shop when I go to Kumano. On Nov. 14, I did. The shop curtain was not hanging in front of the entrance. The door was not closed. I went in after knocking on the door. The host appeared and said he had closed his shop down in September because of his advanced age and his wife’s poor health. Just then a great number of carved wooden birds on the shelves caught my eye. He said there were more than 140 ones and all life size. All of them looked like real birds. He said I was free to take photos. I took only 5 and parted with him. Animal Themes One Animal Bird Wooden Carvings Life Size  Blue Yellow Day Indoors  No People Close-up . Taken in Kumano , Japan on Nov. 14, 2017 ( Submitted on Nov. 22, 2017 )
Life Size
Visual journal January 2018 University of Nebraska Morril Hall - Lincoln, Nebraska A Day In The Life Adventure Buddies Camera Work EyeEm Best Shots FUJIFILM X-T1 Fossils Natural History Museum Photo Essay Sunday With A Scientist University Of Nebraska Visual Journal Day Indoors  Life Size  Mammoth Mammoth Tusks Museum Natural History No People Photo Diary S.ramos January 2018 Statue
You can find Donald and friends at Disney's Animal Kingdom Bad Luck Bright Colors DisneyWorld Donald Duck Animal Kingdom Boot Close-up Day Family Fun Fishing Growth Life Size  Male Likeness No People Outdoors Plant Sculpture Statue Anything To Say? Berlin Bronze Bronze Sculpture Chairs Chelsea Manning Edward Snowden Empty Julien Assange Life Size  Sculpture
Emiratesa380 Life Size  Airplaine Miracle Garden DXB UAE
Thomas the train Thomas Thomas The Train Jodie Sims Photography Photographer Photographerinoz Photo Close Up Beauty In Nature Life Size  Train Day Water Close-up
a life-size model of the Gerwalk form of the Valkyrie VF-25F Airplane Architecture Art Exibition Fighter Fisheye Life Size  Macross Mechanic Olympus Olympus Om-d E-m10 Robot Valkyrie
This needs to work. Now Gundam Life Size  Anime Manga Japan Night Low Angle View Outdoors Robot Mech Welcome To Black
Life Size
Art Sculpters Carvings Wood Sculpters Canoe Paddling Life Size  People Human Form
Thank You Teddy Bear Sleeping Peaceful Self Protrait Stuffed Animals Life Size  Falling Asleep Inlove