Port Aransas Jetty

Something going out to the Ocean
Close Up shot Blue Heron
Foggy Morning on the Jetty
A calm ocean that sparks with color
The Wake wave
Photo Hunt Beach Find.. Not to sure what this is? Kinda cool!!
Photo 1. This is a Full Grown Snowy Egret. I could only get so close.. Beautiful
Photo 2. The Snowy Egret is on the move
Trying out a new lense on my phone. Wicked ways
Big Ship coming in
Ocean View
The Shrimp boat coming down the channel from a long night of shrimping
Trying out a new lense on my phone
Sunrise No Filter, No Edit, Just Photography
I Love My City
Port Aransas Jetty is a Popular place to be, for fishing, walking, cast netting, swimming. Most of all it has beautiful sun rises and at the very end of the jetties you can watch the dolphin play and the king fish jump, while the big ships rest until they are able to enter the channel.
Sun Riae and Big Ships
Hanging Out