Prom Season

Prom Season 2k16 Summer Days
I crashed a prom in Vegas and this guy was proudly holding a Polaroid pic of him and his date. At least that is my story and I sticking to it. Technology and an old school Polaroid pic. The irony... Close-up Corsage Formal Hanging Out High School Hotel Lobby Las Vegas Las Vegas Hotel May 2016 Photos Photos Around You Polaroid Prom Prom Crasher Prom Date Prom Season Seniors Seniors 2016 Sitting Smart Phone Taking Photos Teenagers  Tuxedo Vegas  Wireless Technology
I missed Ateneo High School !! Gradball Prom Season Ahs E2011 E2015 Nostalgic  High School Ateneo
Ateneo High School Gradball 2015  Nostalgic  E2015 E2011 Ahs Prom Season
Prom Season