Columbia Falls, MT

I love my bracelet from Logan so much !!!? Pandora Bracelet  Christmas Boyfriend Love
Last day of school before Christmas break!:) Rawr (; Photography Rawr! Throwback
So I don't really know what the hell I'm doing-.-
Um hi?
Cheer leading tonight:\ Conditioning Cheerleading Cheer
Montana weather is so bipolar. All I want is to take pictures outside but it's never sunny, and the only reason I want it to snow is to cover up all this icky slush so it will be pretty enough outside to get a good shoot in:) Photography Flowers Hands Throwback
Vintage Photography Enjoying The Sun Throwback
Hanging with a friend:) Eating a whole tub of mint ice cream and ranting about our lives. <3 Realtalk Getting In Touch Relaxing
Slowly falling in love with this book? Relaxing Reading Books Teatime
Mondays are the worst. Good thing I have these to get me through.