The Yorktown Ridge

Well good morning, Friday. So nice to see you. You're looking awfully pretty today. Nofilter Morning Sunrise Waterbury connecticut instagold instamood instagramhub instasky instagood webstagram igers igdaily bestoftheday
Watching for the Rain .
Tonight, this is my view. Cat Feet Instagold Instamood instagramhub instagood igers igdaily teamandroid all_shots android webstagram waterbury connecticut blackandwhite
My gorgeous, pseudo-feral Patches. Kitty Catsofinstagram
Socks loves to sit and stare at your reflection. It cracks me up. Catsofinstagram
Heating pad on my ear and catching up on recorded shows = my evening. How about yours?
Kitty nose! ♥
This is for @leahcreates. Legs Ionlyphotographmybodyparts
Zen says good morning! Bunniesofinstagram Bunny  Bunnygram
Memorial Day evening: lounging in bed with On Demand, the husband, and cats.
My bleeding heart is in love with her spot in the garden. ?
WTF is this... Almost June and cold enough to wear my boots. Not cool. Socold
Our home could be confused with an animal shelter. But I ? it.
Sometimes a camera just doesn't do mother nature justice. Nofilter
Want to trade lives, fat boy?
Damnit... I cannot stay away from this place. It just keeps sucking me back in. The world is sharing too much on here to not be involved. Damn you, instagram. Damn you.
Colorful breakfast.
...but Waffles says "what the hell do you want?" Catstagram Catsofinstagram
Flowers Plants InTheGarden
Waffles. ♥?
Things I'm happy about: my growing nails. Yes.
Waffles (and our other cats) don't like the fireworks going on next door. :( but he has a stuffed animal to cuddle with.
Almost there! Peonies Flowers InTheGarden