Rainy Day
Mother & Daughter
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Architecture Building Museum
Coming soon evening and night. Light And Shadow Light Brick Wall Sky Sunny Tokyo Chiyoda Marunouchi Museum
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Brick Architecture Museum Trees
Enjoying Life Tree Park Tokyo,Japan Green Night Night Lights
IPhone Iphone6 Streetphotography Street Photography Architecture Sunny Day Sunny Blue Blue Sky The Architect - 2016 EyeEm Awards
It is good landscape from museum.
Surrealism Tadaa Community
Bw_collection Light Brick Architecture
Taking Photos Green Relaxing
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In a hot summer day. Plaza FountainTree Nature In The City
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On A Date Getting Inspired Walking Around Taking Photos
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緑だなぁ〜 Taking Photos Relaxing Green Leaf
Art Exhibition On A Date Getting Inspired
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Art Exhibition On A Date Getting Inspired
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Exhibition Getting Inspired Art On A Date
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Aliceinwonderland Xmas Tree Tokyo,Japan
No Name
「狂ってたのは、俺か、時代か?」殺し文句に惚れて。日本画ほんとに面白い。画力と狂気とユーモアと…何だか全部がありすぎた。天才にしては余りに人間臭いし、でも人間業とは思えないほど高解像度な肉筆の数々。。いやはや。。 Art