Durhamville, NY

Blue sky, wispy clouds, white clouds, Summer
Scenic, natures wonders, plane trail, clouds, traveling Sky Nature
Long legged spider on tree, arachnid, outdoors, nature
Dragonfly, green, majestic, winged friend, Summer bug
EyeEm Selects daisy, flower, petal, nature, outdoors, perennial, Yellow Fragility
Well hello there, baby tree frog, day lily, burgundy, sitting proud, frog, flower, nature
EyeEm Selects Summer fun, horse jumps, exercise, childs play
Frog, baby, green, tiny, nature, tree frog, Holding ,finger
Vegetables, clean and fresh, colorful, food
The grass is greener on the other side, yellow, dirt, grass, outdoors, tubing, pipe Paint The Town Yellow
Summer fun, kids love water and mud, mud boots, dirty, playing
Nature, scenic view, farmers field, corn field, crop, agriculture, blue sky, summer day
EyeEm Selects tree frog, baby, green, padded fingers, outdoors, nature
EyeEm Selects holiday time, mixed nuts, brown, Family, gathering, thankful, snack, food Nutshell Walnut Variation No People
Milkweed, flower, summer, bees, pollen, busy working, gathering food
Baby tree frog, green, hand, touch, outdoors Pet Portraits
Color wheel, wind mill, pool, fence, outdoors, summer, colors, spin
EyeEm Selects horses, brown, outdoors, Bay horse Grazing Grass Togetherness
Spider, striped, outdoors, arachnid, Spider Web Close-up
Sawdust, pile, barn life, wood shavings.
Daisy, new bud, petals, nature, flower, Central New York
EyeEm Selects dinner, roast beef sliders, delicious, warm, Bread Food Bun Ready-to-eat
Spiderweb, fog, dew drops, nature Perspectives On Nature
Baby turtle, maple leaf, puddle, outdoors, reptile Nature Sunshine ☀ EyeEm Selects
Junkyard, transportation, abandoned, used parts, rusty
EyeEm Selects Autum frost, frost, cold, temperatures dropping, seasons changing, sunflower, Autumn season kissing summer flower, Jack Frost, Close-up Nature Fragility Day No People Outdoors Beauty In Nature Flower Head Yellow Perspectives On Nature
Adult horse fly, beautiful eyes, dead, insect, winged, nature, Outdoors
Tomatos, fresh from the garden, orange color, juicy, seeds, delicious, food
EyeEm Selects spider, Long legged, in web, outdoors, arachnid
Rocking horse, playground, black, old, outdoors, summer fun.
Junkyard, blue, rusty, transportation, Weathered pickup truck
Baby tree frog, hi there, eye, sitting on my finger, nature, green
White Hickory Tussock moth caterpillar, black barbs, venomous, itchy rash, pretty but don't touch.
Pet Portraits cat, snuggle bug, white and orange, sleeping, catnap, mammal, pet, indoor Pet Portraits
Tree frog, frog on window, padded feet, nature, outdoors EyeEm Selects The Great Outdoors - 2017 EyeEm Awards
Volleyball net, knots, holding strong, blue sky, outdoors, sports
Spider eating a fly, nature, web, spider, outdoors
Electric pole, a hot mess, colorful, not live, wires Mix Yourself A Good Time
EyeEm Selects horse, mammal, farm, outdoors, Animal Body Part Close-up No People Brown Hair eye
Hand, water in hand, holding, wedding rings, pure
EyeEm Selects tree frog, summer, green, baby, outdoors, nature
Snake skin, shed, growth, snake, nature, outdoors, delicate, reptile Perspectives On Nature
Deer, pond, water, drinking, hot day, mammal
Baby, turtle, shell, nature, reptile, Animals In The Wild Close-up Pet Portraits
Blue sky, summer day, sun, white clouds
Volleyball net, blue sky, over the net, sports, outdoors, Pattern Close-up
Yellow squash, vegetable, sautéed, yellow color, fresh, Food Healthy Eating SLICE Pattern Paint The Town Yellow
Time to start the day, Glass tea kettle, drink,Boiling water, clear, flame, colors, hot, fire
Blackeye Susan, field of flowers, sea of gold, allergies, beautiful, stop and smell the flowers Paint The Town Yellow
Sunflower, bees, pollen, yellow, natures way, insect, flower, outdoors Petal Flower Head Pollination