Golden Dragon | Streetphotography Manhattan Smoking Timyoungiphoneography
TatsCru Graffiti NYC Timyoungiphoneography
Mercedes Benz Convertible Classic Car Manhattan
Classic Car Dodge Dart LES Streetphotography Spring2015 Manhattan NYC Timyoungiphoneography
Happy Birthday Cake LES Graffiti Manhattan
Vintage Bicycles Streetphotography NYC Timyoungiphoneography
Ivanorama @ivanorama Graffiti LES Manhattan
Feels like Wyeth | art Streetphotography NYC Summer2014 Timyoungiphoneography
Graffiti LES Manhattan People
Streetphotography NYC Timyoungiphoneography Budweiser
Streetphotography Classic Cars NYC Timyoungiphoneography
Graffiti Streetphotography Manhattan LES Spring2015 NYC Art Timyoungiphoneography
Graffiti Art Streetphotography Timyoungiphoneography
Graffiti Fall 2013 Streetphotography NYC
Graffiti Fall 2013 NYC Streetphotography
LES Graffiti Manhattan Timyoungiphoneography
@artbyjw Graffiti Manhattan LES Sons Of Anarchy
Im So Sorry Never Satisfied Graffiti Timyoungiphoneography
Graffiti Streetphotography NYC Fall 2013
Graffiti NYC Fall 2013 Timyoungiphoneography Fall Colours | Fall Shadows
Graffiti Streetphotography NYC Timyoungiphoneography
Graffiti LES 4 Manhattan
Graffiti NYC Streetphotography Fall 2013
Graffiti LES Manhattan Timyoungiphoneography
Vdub Streetphotography NYC Timyoungiphoneography
I <3 NY LES Graffiti Love
Hanging Out
Taking Photos
Taking Photos
i had the pleasure of meeting these guys a couple of years ago with photographer Thorstenroth | Great guys with and amazing journey | <3 the Bronx | Graffiti TatsCru NYC
Taking Photos