Taffel Chips Snack Time! Snacks! My Snacks  Snackin' Evening Snack SnackAttack
Pakaskas. Palm Sugar Candy. Buri Palm Sugar. Wow Batangas. Batangas, Philippines. BatangasPhilippines Snackin' Snackporn Snackphotography Snackstagram SnackAttack
SnackAttack Chillin Skateboarding Dnb
An average Wednesday afternoon in the office. SnackAttack ?
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Some days you need popcorn and a diet dr pepper to help get you through. Humpday SnackAttack WhiteCheddarIsMyCrack
Snacking on some jamming peanut crunch at work from village beer merchant. IT SnackAttack
My SnackAttack for tomorrow. Trying to not eat out as much. Need to save up for that future Tinyhouse also, trying to make Healthier choices. Tues-thurs. I don't eat lunch at all, or even breakfast. If I do eat lunch it's usually jack in the box or mickey d's. No more. Time for more concious choices. Habits won't form overnight. But so far I'm two for two. I even cooked dinner last night and had leftovers today.
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