Piazza De Ferrari

Smoke Streetphotography Streetphoto_color Untold Stories Fresh 3 Eye4photography  Open Edit Zena4ever Walking Around Capture The Moment
Streetphotography NEM Street EyeEm Best Shots The Storyteller - 2014 Eyeem Awards
Looking up.... LookingupStreet Lamp Monday Lampost Monday My Best Photo 2015 Showcase: December Eye4photography  Urban Geometry Open Edit Eyem Best Shots Fish-eye Lens Clouds Cloud_collection
Singer  Finding The Next Vivian Maier Street Portrait Bnw Portrait
Nothing in his hands Streetphotography Streetphoto_bw Black & White The Lonely Person In A Connected World
Finding The Next Vivian Maier Architecture Your Art Is Portable With Caseable Street Portrait
Reflection at Sunset EyeEm Best Shots Streetphotography
Streetphotography Architecture Walking Around Urban Geometry
Where's his head??!? Streetphoto_bw Candid Sneak Shot Very Italian People Blackandwhite
Finding The Next Vivian Maier Streetphotography Your Art Is Portable With Caseable EyeEm Best Shots
Streetphoto_bw Candid Sneak Shot
Natural reflection Leonie Filter Streetphotography EyeEm Best Shots Taking Photos
Vscocam Streetphotography Cityscapes EyeEm Best Shots
The upper pic is now. The pic below is taken at the end of '800. You can see a buildind under construction on the extreme left. When I first see the older pic I was astonished! Before&After Blackandwhite Bianco E Nero Old And New
Streetphoto_bw Eye4photography  EyeEm Best Shots NEM Street
A different angle Streetphotography Street Photography Walking Around Eye4photography  Geometric Shapes Urban Geometry
Eye4photography  Monochrome_Monday EyeEm Best Shots EyeEm Best Shots - Long Exposure
Walking Around EyeEm Best Shots Cloudporn Streetphotography
El Color De La Oscuridad Y La Luz Eye4thestreets Other People's Shoes
Found this new place that gives you a nice view of the central square of Genova Urban Geometry Eye4photography  Architecturelovers NEM Black&white Fortheloveofblackandwhite The Places I've Been Today Bw_collection
Fontana Fontain Filtro Nd Travel Destinations Architecture History Water Travel Sky Built Structure City People
The Purist (no Edit, No Filter) EyeEm Best Shots Skrill IT Far From Home Water_collection
Blue water for the autism day Architecture HDR Collection Pantone Colors By GIZMON EyeEm Best Edits
Architecture Streetphotography Street Photography Fountain Buildings Urban Landscape Eye4photography
Finding The Next Vivian Maier Streetphoto_bw Street Portrait NEM VSCO Submissions
People Watching Walking Around Soaking Up The Sun Enjoying The Sun Sunbathing Streetphotography
The EyeEm Facebook Cover Challenge Streetphotography Finding The Next Vivian Maier NEM VSCO Submissions
Shooting In The Evening Light Architecture EyeEm Best Shots Streetphotography
When the night comes Streetphoto_color Streetphotography Open Edit Eye4photography  Fresh 3 Walking Around Love My City Zena4ever Walking Around Taking Photos
Oliva Wedding Dress Bride Husband Husbandandwife Genova Zena Ecuador Sposi Esposos Matrimonio
"A social network life" Leonie Filter EyeEm Best Shots Streetphotography Visual Statements
EyeEm Best Edits EyeEm Best Shots EyeEm Gallery Self Portrait Selfie Enjoying Life Genova Looking Into The Future Wideangle 16mm
Walking Around Night The Illuminator - 2014 EyeEm Awards Architecture
"Piazza De Ferrari". Buildings Plazas Fountains My City City Centre City View  Eyeemfilter Point And Shoot Piazza Fontane
Just Taking Pictures People Photography People And Places Travel Outdoors Tourism Architectural Column City People Architecture PhonePhotography
Yesterday's walk Reflection Doorporn Streetphotography The Street Photographer - 2014 EyeEm Awards
Walking Around
White NEM Black&white Finding The Next Vivian Maier Streetphotography
Genova Blackandwhite Black And White Black & White
Streetphoto_bw Buying Books Fortheloveofblackandwhite Blancoynegro
Streetphotography Blackandwhite Streetphoto_bw Bws_worldwide
Genoa Piazza De Ferrari Urban Geometry Black & White
Filtro Nd Fontain Fontana Motion Long Exposure Travel Destinations Speed Blurred Motion Architecture Water No People Day
Fontana Filtro Nd Fontain Architecture Window Building Exterior Built Structure Travel Destinations Travel Outdoors No People Day City
Teatro Carlo Felice
Genova Urban Landscape
Genova City Piazza De Ferrari Food Stories Human Hand Human Body Part Human Finger Outdoors Holding Architecture Cloud - Sky Day One Person People Real People Sky Built Structure Building Exterior Close-up EyeEmNewHere
Walking Around Monochrome Black & White Genoa
Negative Space NEM Mood Streetphotography Eye4photography  Urban Geometry NEM Street
~Genova❤ Genova Zena Italy Liguria Piazzadeferrari Banca Igersgenova Instagram Instagood Tagstagramers Tagsforlikes Photooftheday Photo Photogrid Insta Tagstagramers Like Follow4follow Likes
La bella vita! Black & White Gente Monochrome People Street Photography
Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Travel Destinations Sky History Clear Sky Tourism City Façade Day Outdoors Low Angle View Pediment Dome No People Genova
Streetwithoutpeople Awesome Architecture EyeEm Best Shots Light And Shadow
Architettura Fountain Architecture Water Nature
City Street City Street Travel Destinations Politics And Government Outdoors Architecture Large Group Of People People Sky Day Adults Only Adult Traveling Home For The Holidays
Don Filter Bw_collection Black & White Fortheloveofblackandwhite
Streetphotography EyeEm Best Shots Pantone Colors By GIZMON Good Morning!
Giuseppe Garibaldi e Carlo Felice Genova
Hanging Out
Filippa K Asks: What Inspires You? Streetphoto_bw Blackandwhite Bw_collection
First Eyeem Photo
love ❤ in the square Love ♥ Filtro Nd Fontana Fontain Architecture Travel Destinations Fountain History Tourism Long Exposure City People Day Building Exterior
In the end I have my own Colorsplash soap bubble. Streetphotography Soap Bubbles Your Art Is Portable With Caseable
Street Lamp Monday Your Art Is Portable With Caseable Streetphotography Lookingup
Vasca Fountain Water Whater Of Life City Street Photography Places....  Road
Whater Water Nature City Street Photography Historical Monuments
Streetphotography Monochrome Bw Blackandwhite Black & White Black And White Photography Black And White Streetphoto_bw Street Street Photography
Streetphotography EyeEm Best Shots Hdr_Collection Zena4ever
The Purist (no Edit, No Filter) Walking Around Streetphotography EyeEm Best Shots
I'm in ruta Babylon! Babylon Gente Immigrant Immigrante Inmigrantes People Street Photography
Giornata mondiale consapevolezza Autismo
Pride Beautiful People Day Urban Photography City Street Photography Gay Pride
Just playing with overexposure and color splashing. Streetphotography Getting Inspired The Maximals (more Edit Juxt MAX It) Flowerporn
Building Exterior Outdoors Travel Destinations Cloud - Sky Cityscape
Fountain Water Splashing Spraying Long Exposure Sky Outdoors Motion No People Architecture Day Deferrari Piazza Genova Genovamorethanthis
Genova EyeEm First Eyeem Photo Showcase: December City Love Taking Photos VSCO Eye4photography  EyeEmBestPics Eyemphotography EyeEm Best Shots EyeEmbestshots Enjoying Life Eyem Best Shots EyeEm Gallery Eyeemphotography EyeEm Best Edits EyeEmBestEdits Eyeem Philippines EyeemPhilippines EyeEm Liguria Hanging Out The Great Outdoors - 2015 EyeEm Awards Acqua
NEM VSCO Submissions EyeEm Best Shots Streetphotography Urban Geometry
5 agosto 2014 Bnw Nikon D3200 Fontane Italiane Zena4ever
Geólogos por el mundo Geocrucero
Gotham Filter Lion Streetphotography EyeEm Best Shots
Street Life Streetphoto_bw Very Italian People Zena4ever
Streetphotography Urban Landscape Urban Geometry Walking Around Eye4photography
Streetphoto_bw Light And Shadow Walking Around Urban Geometry
Goodmorning... The Places I've Been Today Precision Eye4photography  Blackandwhite Walking Around Streetphotography Black & White Gente Monochrome People Street Photography
Giro d'Italia!
Hanging Out