Ballyholme Beach

Evening at Ballyholme.
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And not a rabid dog in sight. Funny, that...
Beautiful ballyholme beach this morning. Yes, morning. I did have to Google what happened that early as I wasn't sure...
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A decisive moment...
Breaking news: Dogs let off leash on beach; world doesn’t end. Science to blame?
Ballyholme bird 3
Self Portrait
One of these bad boys must be called Bill, surely.
Honestly, you're lining up a shot and then...
I have to admit that this made me laugh. Very loud. Strangers stared. I laughed harder :)
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Capturing Freedom A Gates To Freedom X
Nature On Your Doorstep Sunshine
Sunset Bangor N.I First Eyeem Photo
Ballyholme bird 1
Bangor's most expensive wind toy.
A cracking display of Bigulo-Fabulous cloud formations today.
Nature On Your Doorstep
Groyne perspective. Sounds a bit rude, really.
Seaweed footsteps.
Ballyholme beach this morning. Dog walkers unavailable for comment.
Morning weed.
Pure baltic down that there seashore of ours today hey. So it was.
NONE SHALL PASS! At least, not in anything over two wheels...
Lonely baskers.
With apologies to Gerry Coe ;)
Down at the beach before the temperature started going distinctly un-northern-irish.
Moody beach. I said 'beach'. ;)
More rusty seaweed.
Ballyholme beach🌅 First Eyeem Photo
Polished glass on the beach.
Ballyholme bird 4
Ballyholme bird 2
Walked home because the taxi was taking forever. So glad I did :)
Why did the goldfish blush?
Some flowers, yesterday.
Tightrope walking for beginners.